The Youth and Recreation Coordination approaches young people through sports – Municipalidad de Malargüe

The Youth and Recreation Coordination approaches young people through sports – Municipalidad de Malargüe

Taking advantage of the skate boom in Malargüe, and thanks to the fact that the city has its own skatepark, this area dedicated to the young people of our department appeals to this sport to get closer to them through different activities.

In the permanent search of the municipality to be able to offer young people from Malaga all kinds of recreational and social activities, the Youth and Recreation Coordination has been given the task of being in contact with them and generating different spaces for coexistence and learning. . On this occasion, sport is the starting point of this path and skateboarding is the first to appear on the agenda.

From the aforementioned coordination, they commented that together with the skate school they are working together to promote future events, taking into account that this urban sport has had sustained growth over the years, and has now been established thanks to the inauguration from the local skatepark a few months ago. Mauro Pavez, coordinator of Youth and Recreation, commented that thanks to the visit of professional skaters, these initiatives are beginning. Guadalupe Orellano, who comes from Buenos Aires, was able to meet with teachers and kids from the skate school and share her experience that recently led her to compete in the city of Mendoza. “We open the range to the possibility of bringing important competitions, with international brands and begin to mobilize the competition at another level” assured Pavéz.

Paola Jaque, who is in charge of the coordination, highlighted Guadalupe’s visit from the place of women in sports. She pointed out that it is very positive that “a new edge is opened for girls to practice skateboarding.” She also emphasized the importance of having the experience of other people who offer their knowledge and skills to the Malargüe athletes.

Guadalupe Orellano gave her word and recalled that last Saturday she was present with the boys from the skate school where she was received by its members. “We talked to sports people to see what can be done in the future with skateboarding so that kids can be safer on the track and can enjoy the sport in peace,” she said. She stressed that the fact that our city has a skatepark opens the doors to having important competitions.

Finally, Facundo Urbina, who is a local skater, also contributed his statement and highlighted how athletes from other places have been arriving thanks to the interest generated by the inauguration of their own space for the practice of urban sports. He highlighted that the discipline went from being just a hobby to allowing skaters to think about representing Malargüe at a competitive level or even becoming professionals, like Guadalupe Orellano.

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