The victory in the Clsico went to Real Madrid

The victory in the Clsico went to Real Madrid

Nnever win a classic had damaged both a team and the Xavi’s Barcelona this season. The Blaugrana left that game euphoric… and with good reason. With the feeling that they could end the season by conquering the Europe League and why not? putting pressure on LaLiga by real Madrid. However, the story was very different.

Since that game, the team has fallen. The azulgranas have not managed to return to a meeting in conditions. Some have taken them forward, but in all of them they have had the feeling that they no longer found their game.

From that date, the Barcelona He has played seven games. The balance is three wins, one draw and three losses. Some results that translate into the elimination of the azulgranas from the Europe League and running out of options to win this League. That, in addition to blowing up the credit they had earned Xavi and the team.

By contrast, to real Madrid things have gone much better. He has gotten into the semifinals of the Champions League Against most of the forecasts and, things in life, everything points to the fact that he will be able to put an end to this League next Saturday before his public. Above a good time, suitable for all ages: 4:15 p.m.

Busquets warned him

Busquets He doesn’t talk much beyond postgame appearances, but when he does, it pays to listen. In a interview after the Clsico he warned that the pardon of selections that came just that week, could take its toll on his team and benefit the real Madrid. As it is.

At times, the Barcelona seemed to have straightened up. The Catalans seemed to have overcome the depression postMessi in record time. Reality has shown that this was not the case. The most important thing, the game, has disappeared. Culs have a hard time being as solvent as they were a few weeks ago.

The problem is that they have also returned extra sports problems. It was expected that with the announcement of the sponsorship of Spotify and the good results calmed the waters in ‘the environment’, but this has not been the case. The it with the tickets del Bara – Eintracht and the leaks of the audios of the Piqu commission agent They have muddied the waters again.

question of survival

At this point, the culs have no choice but to grit their teeth and try to solve these next five games as it is. On Sunday they shot themselves in the foot by not taking advantage of the late game against Lightning. They no longer have an ace up their sleeve and they are going to have to suffer to secure the Champions. Their lives depend on it.



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