The tourism sector hardly notices the San Isidro bridge

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The people of Madrid have preferred the beach to the mountains. That is the explanation that the representatives of the tourism sector in Segovia give the results “lazy” Y “disappointing” that has thrown the weekend and the Monday holiday by San Isidro in Madrid. All this despite the celebration of the Titirimundiwhich to a great extent has had an impact on hotel occupancy in the Segovian capital, but without meeting the expectations of other hotel businesses.

“We have stayed at 70 percent of what we planned to work, a figure even lower than that of a normal weekend”assures the president of the Association of Accommodation, Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Segovia (Hotuse), Jesús Castellanos. From the beginning, the number of reservations was not positive. But hoteliers were confident in the growing trend noted since the pandemic to leave everything “for the last moment”, declares. What finally has not been so. “We did not reach the forecasts, not even remotely”Add.

In his opinion, the worst thing is that “We do not know what is causing this situation”. It contemplates a multitude of scenarios, such as the chain of holidays or the bad weather forecast for Saturday, although on Sunday “was just as disappointing”Consider Castilians. He also observes the preference of the people of Madrid to visit the beach areas on this bridge. In fact, “Many of them are taking a liking to staying in Madrid and that is not good for us, it is a problem in the medium term”Castellanos warns.

Along this same line is the President of the Association of Rural and Active Tourism of Segovia, Gerardo Oterowho insists that the tourist from Madrid is “very important” in the province, assuming “almost 99 percent”. However, the occupancy data, which is around 60 percent, “They are like those of any other weekend and, for spring, on the loose side”details.

The bridge through San Isidro has hardly been noticed. Most of the reservations in rural accommodation have been for two nights, “no frills”Otero points out. In turn, he regrets that the visitor to the Titirimundi “does not spend the night” and, in addition to this, it is only concentrated in the Segovian capital, not in the towns.

Precisely, the Councilor for Tourism of the Segovia City Council, Miguel Merinomakes a good tourist balance of the weekend. He points out that hotel occupancy has reached 83 percent and even on Saturday night it was 94 percent.

In addition to this, the Visitor Reception Center served some 5,000 people over the three days. However, it is necessary to clarify that, on a weekend of Titirimunditourists “Not only do they come to collect information, but to manage their tickets to the shows”Merino says.

In this way, the Segovian tourism sector already marks the summer period as its next key date. “There is a lot of uncertainty, especially because of the economic crisis we are experiencing”Otero considers. Despite this, the president of the hoteliers tries to think positively. “We will try to be optimistic”concludes.

The tourism sector hardly notices the San Isidro bridge

Ana María Criado (Segovia, 1998). Journalist and humanist from the Carlos III University of Madrid.


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