The tools that cannot be missing in an office, according to Bill Gates

The tools that cannot be missing in an office, according to Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the magnate creator of Microsoft, who has been one of the benchmarks for people seeking to be successful professionally, recently revealed his strategies to be more productive in times of economic recovery due to the covid-19 pandemic.

He, who is also one of the richest men in the world, He assures that the materials that he keeps in his office are important elements that have allowed him to activate his mind and thus be able to develop necessary skills..

Likewise, he shared that these elements allow him a better rest when he feels exhausted by the excess of work he has.

According to Gates, you only need three valuable items on your desk to improve your productivity: books, card games and new technologies.

It should be noted that Bill is a lover of reading. Part of his knowledge has come from the books that he reads daily to continue directing his great empire; even the tycoon usually shares the works he reads on his social networks.

In this way, it ensures that reading is an essential habit for constant learning, as it feeds creativity and helps to find better solutions to problems. For this reason, he recommends having books by authors who dominate the areas of interest of each person. In various interviews, Bill notes that he prefers nonfiction books because they help him master and understand topics.

In his office stand out copies of writers like JD Salinger and his favorite: ‘The Catcher in the Rye’.

“Like most people, I suspect, I first read it when I was in school. Currently, it remains one of my favoritesjust as I have a lot of JD Salinger memories at home,” Gates said.

Active breaks are also part of the routine. He takes advantage of the disconnection of these small breaks to exercise strategic thinking with a play of bridge, a game of cards with a French deck.

Characters like the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet, They also enjoy this game in their break times.

According to Gates, you only need three important items on your desk to improve your productivity: books, card games, and new technology. – Photo: Getty Images

Today being informed of everything that happens in the world is essential in our daily lives. Gates pointed out that new technologies are essential for this, so at your desk you have three interlocking screens to have a totally digital environment, where you can be 100% up-to-date and informed.

Bill Gates claims that “Once you get a taste of that huge viewing area, there’s no going back. Many people believe that mixed reality is only for games or so on your desk you have three interlocking screens for a fully digital environment.

Despite the fact that technology has also become a distraction or a form of entertainment, but if it is used properly, it becomes a very productive tool for work, which will offer great help for professional growth. and the creation of new ideas.

According to Forbes magazine, Bill Gates has the fourth largest fortune in the world (US $ 134,000 million), and almost a quarter of it comes from his participation in Microsoft. The remainder of his investment firm, Cascade Investment LLCalong with other assets like his $143 million estate in Medina, Washington, nicknamed “Xanadu.”

“Through Cascade, Gates owns a majority stake in Four Seasons hotels, 14% in auto dealership AutoNation, interests in waste management company Republic Services, tractor manufacturer Deere & Co., railway company Canadian National Railway and much more”, says Forbes.


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