The thousand wonders of Patagonia on Aldana’s motorcycle trip along route 40

The thousand wonders of Patagonia on Aldana's motorcycle trip along route 40

Aldana continues on his way along the southern routes and here he shares the last sections of his motorcycle trip along the mythical 40, in this case from Bariloche to Los Alerces and from there to Río Mayo among the lakes, mountains, streams and mallines of that dazzling Patagonia that becomes solitary and infinite as it advances towards the end of the world. Soul traveler, every time she finishes the summer season in which she works in Sea of ​​the Pampas (15 km from Villa Gesell) gets on his beloved Peque and speeds up: that’s what roads are for, to be traveled. Your goal is to reach the km 0 of route 40 (Cabo Virgenes, Santa Cruz)before the end of May to complete the 5,914 km journey that began in La Quiaca and had to be interrupted in Mendoza last winter due to cold, wind and snow.

From Bariloche to Cholila: 198 km

Section 11 – 05/07/22. After 4 nights in Bariloche I went back to the route bound for Cholila. As always, I caught the route late but I wasn’t worried because it was a short section.

Aldana and her friend and hostess, Ann. @porlatierrayelmar

Like every corner of this area and especially in autumn, everything is beautiful. The zigzag route, the colors and the mountains that seem to embrace you.

Heading to Cholila. @porlatierrayelmar

I only stopped twice, at El Bolsón to fill up on gasoline (it wasn’t what I remembered from 2001) and at El Hoyo to drink some mate and eat something.

The enchanting landscapes of Cholila. @porlatierrayelmar

In the middle of the afternoon I arrived in Cholila, I went straight to the hostel @piuke_mapu, there was no one but I contacted by phone and I waited for Darío to arrive at the request and contemplating the arrival of sunset.

How about the wave of the Cholila hostel? @porlatierrayelmar

Shower, mate in the hammock, dinner and rest.

From Cholila Los Alerces: 65 km

Section 12 – 05/08/22. Yes! Only 65 km, at a snail’s pace enjoying every km of the park. Although almost all the trails were closed due to a wind weather alert, I admired it just the same.

Los Alerces and the magic of the south. @porlatierrayelmar

All the way going between 30 to 40 km/h, thinking a lot, perceiving the aromas that nature gave me, stopping at each panoramic view. What a photogenic place!

The gravel was impeccable, so La Peque walked without a problem. The walkway that crosses the green lake I think is one of the most beautiful placesI went down to the water’s edge, took the inevitable mates, filled my ears with that reassuring silence and continued.


One more step and I arrived at the @complejoturisticobahiarosales where I am going to rest for tomorrow, I have a longer stretch to Gobernador Costa.

From Los Alerces to Río Mayo: 466 km

Section 14 – 05/09/22. I decided to do two long sections in a row, this one and the next one, since miraculously there is zero wind on Route 40, something rare in this area, they say.

I left around 10:30 a.m. the alercesBefore it is impossible because of the cold. Go through TrevelinI loaded gasoline and as they had recommended, I took route 34, known as the Huella de Los Rifleros, 76 km of gravel that connects Trevelin and Tecka.

Spectacular landscapes towards Río Mayo. @porlatierrayelmar

This was the journey that the Welsh explorers who arrived in the valley where Trevelin sits today, in 1885.

I was grateful to have taken it there, since the landscape was beautiful, calm and quiet. The whole way was amazing except for the scare that gave me a cow that was hiding behind a bushas if it were waiting for me to make me boo!!!

Spectacular landscapes towards Río Mayo

I just stopped and she was more scared than me. In Tecka I stopped at the service station and Graciela’s genius invited me to lunch, a delicious pumpkin risotto, ideal for cold weather.

Sunset in the Patagonian steppe. @porlatierrayelmar

I loaded gasoline and continued, I entered theto the Patagonian steppe, far from the mountain range, the forests and the lakes. Solitary route, to which every once in a while the guanacos and rheas (suri or rhea).

After many hours on the road and already getting dark, I arrived at Rio Mayo. I looked for a hotel where I could sleep, rest and continue the next day.

You can follow Aldana’s adventures at @porlatierrayelmar

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