The terrifying HBO movie that won’t let you sleep

The terrifying HBO movie that won't let you sleep

HBO Max continues to add content to its catalog, expanding the typology of films and series regardless of their genre. But it is true that, specifically in the field of terror, they have been adding new productions for a season such as Evil by James Wan either the Serie The visitor.

The terrifying HBO movie

However, the platform controlled by warnermedia It also resorts to scary stories that have had huge legions of fans for years. Thus, The fog is the terrifying HBO movie that won’t let you sleepa work born from the twisted mind of Stephen King himself.

‘The Mist’ (Dimension films)

The synopsis, like any King material, part of the mystery and fantasy elements: “In a small town in Maine, a violent storm suddenly breaks out, ending as abruptly as it began. At that moment a thick fog arises that kills all those who are enveloped by the darkness. A group of inhabitants of the region then hides in a supermarket. There they will have to learn to collaborate with each other to survive the strange creatures that kill them one by one, trying to enter the establishment”.

It is well known that the quintessential horror writer has provided the cinema with countless hours of material to produce stories, some of them as successful as ITEM, The glow, Count on me, carrie either Misery. However, the case of The fog is special since it is not often that writers like a change from the end of the original story and King, the outcome fascinated him. And that his director is not at all alien to the work of the Maine. Before this terrifying film, the director Frank Darabont already moved us with Life imprisonmentbased on the story titled Rita Hayworth and the Shawhank Redemption.

‘The Mist’ (Dimension films)

Darabont also adapts the script here, stretching, editing and adding his impressions of the original book. thomas jane (The Punisher) stars in this story in which Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, William Sadler, and Jeffrey DeMunn make up a cast of recurring faces on the front lines of the industry. In Darabont’s short career, King’s presence also manifested itself in The green Mile Y The fog It was his last film before moving on to the production of series such as The Walking Dead either Mob City. The most recent thing that we have been able to see of his work has been his work as a script doctor in films like Godzilla (2014) and The Snow White Chronicles: The Huntsman and the Ice Queen (2016).


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