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Cascadas de Seljalandsfoss, Islandia

For those who enjoy tropical landscapes, waterfalls are always one of the most spectacular phenomena to visit and now that the good weather is approaching, the desire to organize a good trip away from home returns.

If you are thinking of a change of scene for a few days and you like to get into nature, we show you 10 impressive waterfalls in different parts of the world that you can visit.

Seljalandsfoss waterfalls in Iceland

Seljalandsfoss waterfalls / Flickr/Creative commons

They start from the Seljalandsá river, known as the ‘liquid river’, which marks the boundary between the Highlands and the rest of the country. They are more than 60 meters high and can be reached through a path surrounded by nature.

Jog waterfalls in India

Jog waterfalls in India

Waterfalls Jogging / Flickr/Creative commons

With a height of 253 meters, these four waterfalls have a staircase of 1,400 steps, which gives access to a valley from which to admire the impressive view. Raja, Rocket, Roparer and Rani are the names of the four streams created by the Sharavathi River.

Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lake waterfalls

Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park / Flickr/Creative commons

This park, listed as a World Heritage Site, is full of waterfalls that overlap between the mountains and flow into 16 crystal clear lakes. An electric boat connects the 12 upper lakes with the four lower ones. Definitely a show worth seeing.

Angel Falls waterfall in Venezuela

Angel Falls waterfall in Venezuela

Angel Falls waterfall / Flickr/Creative commons

It is one of the most famous sites on the list. We talk about The highest watherfall of the world. With almost a kilometer in length (979 meters), it is immersed in the middle of the tropical forest. In an area full of high cliffs, it is perfect for a good hiking experience.

Waterfall of the seven sisters, in Norway

Seven Sisters Waterfall in Norway

Waterfall of the seven sisters / Flickr/Creative commons

As its name suggests, these are seven streams of water that are born from glaciers and flow into the sea. This waterfall has a legend, which tells how seven sisters fell in love with the same man, who could not choose just one. The sisters, desperate for grief, began to cry without rest until they became the waterfalls we see today.

Ban Gioc Detian waterfalls, between China and Vietnam

Ban Gioc Detian waterfalls between China and Vietnam

Ban Gioc Detian Waterfalls / Flickr/Creative commons

They are located north of the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, and due to the humid environment of the area, they are surrounded by moss and aquatic plants. The main waterfall is called Tongling Gorge and is accessed through a cave.

Rhine Falls, between Switzerland and Germany

Rhine Falls between Switzerland and Germany

rhine falls / Flickr/Creative commons

The currents fall from about 23 meters high. They are the highest jump in central Europe and are in the upper part of the Rin Riverwhich has boat trips to live an unforgettable experience along its course.

Ouzoud waterfalls, in Morocco

Ouzoud waterfalls in Morocco

Ouzoud waterfalls / Flickr/Creative commons

Nestled between moss-covered brownstone mountains are these 110-meter-high waterfalls. Due to splashes and sun rays, you can often see a rainbow in the upper part of the oasis.

High Force waterfall, UK

High Force waterfall in UK

High Force Waterfall / Flickr/Creative commons

If you don’t want to go that far, this waterfall is located in Bernard Castle, a town in Teesdale, and flows into the River Tees. The water falls with great force from the upper part and can be accessed through a pleasant walk through the forest.

Waterfalls of San Rafael, in Ecuador

Waterfalls of San Rafael, in Ecuador

San Rafael Waterfalls / Flickr/Creative commons

Are the highest waterfalls in Ecuador, and they are known for being one of the most beautiful corners of the entire Amazon. They are located in the middle of the Cayambe Coca park and, with more than 150 meters of height, they create a landscape worth remembering.


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