The Telegraph – Ten games and tricks to have fun and entertain yourself with the Google search engine

The Telegraph - Ten games and tricks to have fun and entertain yourself with the Google search engine

Google hides many tricks and surprises. They are known as easter eggs and appear when a phrase or keyword is typed in the search engine. Also, there are puzzles and games to challenge your intellect and pass your free time.

1. The Crooked Seeker

If the word “askew” is searched for, which means “crooked” in the Google search bar, the results page will be displayed slanted.

2. 360 degree swivel

By typing “do a barrel roll”, the browser page will do a quick 360° turn. Not suitable for those who get seasick easily.

3. The Breakout Game

The legendary Atari game, Breakout, It is hidden in the search engine. To get to it, you have to search for the name in the image search area or click here:

4. Pac Man

Typing Pac-Man in the search engine will bring up an image of the popular game and a button that says “play”. Just press there to start having fun with this classic.

5. Ta Te Ti

When typing “ta te ti” in the search engine, you will see a board with a green background, in addition to the cross and the circle. You have to press on the box where you want to place the element and you start playing, with the machine as your opponent.

6. The Bat-Signal

When typing “batissignal” in the search engine, the symbol of Batman, in yellow and black. If you press there, the page will immediately go dark, the famous icon will appear, and a few seconds later you will see the famous character slide across the screen.

7. Answers about the universe and more

If the question is written in the search engine, in English, “answer to life the universe and everything” which in Spanish translates as “response to life, the universe and everything”, the calculator appears with the number 42. This alludes to the novelIntergalactic Traveler’s Guide by Douglas Adams. In the story, a group of explorers of hyper-intelligent beings build a computer called Deep Thought to give them the ultimate answer to these mysteries of life.

8. Fun facts and trivia

To search for fun information or curiosities, you can write in the search engine Fun facts/ I’m feeling curious (Fun facts/ I feel curious) and there you will see several results. Like this one, where Johnny Depp is said to have played Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise, including the movies and the video game The Legend of Jack Sparrow, as well as the Disneyland ride and attraction The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow.

9. The Cha Cha Slide

If you put the name of the song “Cha Cha Slide” In the Google search engine, a YouTube video will appear along with the lyrics and a microphone icon next to it. If the microphone is pressed, the lyrics slide to the right and then to the left. Then a succession of icons appear that are pressed and the search engine does different pirouettes. In this way, the search engine is made to “dance” to the rhythm of this song by the American artist DJ Casper, also known as Mr. C The Slide Man.

10. The characters of Friends

If you write the characters of the famous Friends series, you can also find hidden surprises. Thus, for example, when typing the name of Chandler Bing, in the highlighted information box, next to his name, an icon of an armchair appears and when pressed, a chicken and a duck appear, alluding to some episodes of the program.

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