The story of the doctor who got 94 women pregnant: lasts 2 hours and is all the rage on Netflix

The story of the doctor who got 94 women pregnant: lasts 2 hours and is all the rage on Netflix

Netflix is ​​the most used streaming platform around the world and every day adds more and more content to its already incredibly extensive catalog. Action, suspense, romance, horror or science fiction. No matter what the user is looking for, the service that owes its name to a combination of the words Net (which means network) and Films (which is a popular name for movies in the United States) has a way of satisfying you.

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On this occasion, he brings us a new documentary production which was recently incorporated into the streaming service and has already been placed among the most viewed worldwide, according to the platform FlixPatrol. What is it about and why is it all the rage?

“Our father” (either Our fatherin english) is the new documentary about the fertility doctor fraud who deceived dozens of women in Indiana, United States.


The original documentary Americanfollow the story of specialist doctor in fertility, Donald Clinethan fathered more than 50 children by illegal artificial insemination of his sperm in women who hired their services.

The story broke in 2016 after one of her inseminated sons contacted a local news channel. Since then, hehe story of step-siblings has gone around the world and has shed light on the bad practices used by fertility doctors.

It was thanks to this event that a before and after was marked in the history of crimes in medical matters, since despite what Cline did, he only received a year in prison.

“After a DNA test reveals she has multiple half-siblings, a woman uncovers a dark scheme involving a popular doctor and sperm donations”read the official synopsis available on Netflix since last May 11.

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Between the decade of 1970 and 1980, Dr. Cline inseminated at least 50 women with his own sperm, deceiving them by telling them that the donors came from medical laboratory residents.

It was like, over time, more than 90 people claimed to be his children. Jacoba Ballard is one of them. As soon as he found out what had happened, he looked for her half-siblings on social media. His work and also desire to know the truth brought the doctor to trial in 2016.

Cline pleaded guilty in court and had his doctor’s license revoked.but this did not have much impact on his life, since He had been retired from medicine since 2009. The authorities also sentenced him to a year in prison, and Indiana prosecutors claimed that they could not convict him any longer because in that state there is no law that punishes fertility crimesa legal vacuum that left the victims unprotected.

However, despite the fact that they did not give him a great sentence as they wanted, his case became so mediatic that it was possible to promote a law initiative with which it seeks to punish doctors who deceive patients in clinics dedicated to this type of practice.

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  • Duration: 97 minutes
  • By: 2022
  • Country: United States
  • Directed by: Lucie Jourdan
  • Cast: Documentary
  • Producer: Blumhouse Television



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