The Spanish tourist who visited Cuba and was impressed with what she saw sends a message to tourists around the world

Influencer española: "Esta es la realidad de un país comunista como Cuba, represión, escasez de agua, escasez de leche"

The Spanish tourist Rosa Martorell, who was visiting Cuba and was impressed by how Cubans live, once in Spain has shared several videos of her sad experience during her visit to the Island.

Now he has used his social networks to alert tourists who wish to visit the Island:

“Do not be fooled. Cuba crumbles. Do not travel to Cuba”, adding images of photos of Havana that appear in Google search in a video commenting: “This is the image that the dictatorship wants to sell to the whole world”, adding a recording of what he saw during his visit to the island in April 2022.

“Don’t be fooled, the very capital of Cuba, Havana, is falling apart, but so is the rest of the country,” warned Martorell, adding: “People live in those houses that are in ruins. This is what socialism and its «rovulution» have contributed since the year they entered the country»

“Cuba had the third level of life in Latin America,” he explains so that people in the world are not fooled by the story that Cuba was always a poor country.

“Currently nothing remains of that Cuba that has been destroyed because of socialism”

The Spanish woman also refers that the rulers are something else: «poverty only applies to the people. They have all kinds of amenities.

“This is a message for tourists, be careful about going to Cuba because that country is destroyed, unless you stay in a hotel in a tourist area because that is like going to another planet. It is to be isolated from reality»

“Cuba could be a prosperous country, but all the money from tourism goes to the leadership… They do not invest anything in the people,” said Martorell, who has been publishing his experiences during his visit to Cuba, in one of the videos on his networks. social once in Spain, said:

This is how the Cuban people live, subjected to the State and immersed in misery. I do not know how some dare to say that Cubans do not go hungry when the products they sell through the book can last them for a week or less, and they even buy the products from their own book and then resell them in order to survive»

As he explained at the time, he decided: “to publish the videos once I arrived in Spain because although they told us that nothing would happen to us as tourists, we preferred to take action and do it in a safe place.”


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