The social train returns between Jacobacci and Bariloche

Para el oeste de la Línea Sur, el servicio de ida y vuelta en el día es clave.

The Rionegrino Express Train (TER) reconnects Jacobacci with Bariloche, starting on May 31.
After more than two years of being inactive, it resumes passenger trips with two weekly frequencies and very affordable prices.

The formation of the traditional FIAT “motor car”, with capacity for 144 passengers, will leave Tuesday and Friday from Jacobacci at 5:30 to arrive in Bariloche at 10:10.

And it will return from the Andean city on the same days at 5:00 p.m., arriving in Jacobacci at 9:45 p.m.
Both on the way out, it will make stops at Clemente Onelli, Comallo and Pilcaniyeu, the three main intermediate locations.

“It is a very important service that is very useful to the residents of the Southern Line, especially those who need to travel to Bariloche to do a procedure in the day and come backto make purchases, visit the doctor or any other task that requires a quick trip”, explained the Commercial Manager of the state company Tren Patagónico, Darío Dukart.

The TER was implemented several decades ago with the aim of making available to the residents of the west of the South Region, an agile, reliable and fast means of transportation that allows them to travel -round trip- to Bariloche, a city on which it depends. the area during the day.

Above all, in winter when the snow complicates transit on National Route 23, the operation of this railway line is of great importance.

661 pesos
will cost the Jacobacci-Bariloche stretch. There are intermediate stops in Comallo, Onelli and Pilcaniyeu.

Medical shifts and various procedures are the main reasons for this type of trip.
The last frequency between these cities was on Wednesday, March 17, 2020, and then it was stopped due to the pandemic.

The TER will work again with tickets at very affordable values ​​and with significant discounts.
The value of the ticket between Jacobacci and Bariloche will be 661 pesos. Children under 3 years old will not pay and there will be 30% discounts for people from 4 to 12 years old and students and 20% for retirees.
The return of this railway formation generated satisfaction in the inhabitants of the South Region who describe this means of transport as “economical and reliable”.

“Having the TER again is essential. It is an essential transportation service for the area” point out the neighbors.

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