the rescheduling of Aerolineas Argentinas generates complaints from Brazilian tourists

Una brasileña sacó los pasajes para Bariloche y le reprogramaron los vuelos cuatro veces. Foto: archivo

The rescheduling of Aerolineas Argentinas flights for the winter season has generated multiple complaints from Brazilian tourists who already have their tickets to Bariloche. The inconveniences are generated between those who they have taken flights from Brazil to the Patagonian city, with a stopover in Buenos Aires.

Alejandro Sainz, from the Destino Sul Agency in Rio de Janeiro, acknowledged having received many inquiries in recent weeks. “There are passengers who have suffered up to four rescheduling and each change does not take into account the time of the previous flight segment. Complicated situations arose, such as the case of a family that flies from San Pablo and arrives in Buenos Aires at 8:20, but it turns out that their flight to Bariloche takes off at 8”, he exemplified.

He considered that these situations “create stress for passengers, Brazilian agencies, local receptives and even hotels, since they change the dates and times of services already contracted.”

Leidiane Silva dos Santos, from São Paulo, plans to disembark in Bariloche on July 6. It is her first trip abroad and by plane. The woman told her that she hired the trip six months in advance “so as not to have problems”. However, so far, he has received four notifications regarding rescheduling of his flights.

“It distresses me. The problem is that all the tours are already purchased and scheduled according to the days we arrive, as well as the hotels in Bariloche and Buenos Aires. Any change modifies our itineraries”, he said and added: “I hope that everything is resolved and we can make the most of this trip to make it unforgettable.”

Isabela de Oliveira Alves lives in São Paulo and will travel to Bariloche for the first time on June 26. She said that Aerolineas Argentinas changed her return flight that was scheduled for July 4. She passed by the next day. In this case, the hotel where the woman will stay no longer had availability for her to stay one more night. “Luckily, I searched and was able to rent an apartment through Airbnb“, said.

Paula Cardoso, also from São Paulo, will visit Bariloche on July 15 for the first time and has been rescheduled. “Not much chance to rearrange: there is a high demand and full flights. To my surprise, the Airlines phone service was friendly and they gave me more flight possibilities,” he said.

The Brazilian tourist, said Sainz, schedules his trip well in advance. “Bariloche, in particular, is a destination that requires this, because if you leave it to the last minute, you won’t get hotels and other local tourist services,” said the travel agent, concluding: “The experience of a trip and the image that a destination conveys starts from the beginning”.

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