“The referee did not want to charge the penalty”


Diego Zabala, midfielder for Nacional, spoke at a press conference after the defeat against Estudiantes de La Plata for the fourth round of Group C of the CONMEBOL Libertadores. The Uruguayan player analyzed the match and spoke about the controversial play at the last minute, where the Bag claimed a penalty at the hands of defender Fabián Noguera in the pincharrata area.

Zabala commented: “We are left with a feeling of bitterness for not being able to take anything away from a very difficult field and against a very difficult rival, but we leave with our heads held high because I think we were up to the task. At times I think we were more, and at the hour they took away the possibility of at least having a penalty in our favor. Looking at the replay, the play is very clear”.

Nacional claims Noguera’s penalty hand in discounts, a move that was dismissed by the arbitration team headed by Colombian Wilmar Roldán.

“Everyone saw it, the line was in front, it was very clear; that’s where the match was ending and on a difficult court like this they don’t charge you, the referee didn’t want to charge it, it was reality”, Zabala emphasized.

And he added about the match: “These Cup matches are like that, they are won and lost by details. I think we were up to the task, that’s why we lacked a little more decision in finishing the play, but later I think there were spaces where we tried to be patient, we have to keep improving”.

“This rival also implies having a strong leg, going 100% to the splits because if they don’t pass you over, we were up to that, we couldn’t take advantage perhaps in the game, although at times we were able to handle the ball. We tried to look for it until the end and we couldn’t bring ourselves a point”, he remarked.

Zabala was a substitute but entered the 42nd minute of the first half due to Brian Ocampo’s muscle injury.

“At the time I hadn’t realized Brian’s injury. I had to move quickly and just when I was about to enter, the goal from Estudiantes came, where after a good overflow from them, perhaps we did not take the references well within our area, ”said the midfielder.

Finally, Zabala said that he does not believe that Nacional ‘lacks a goal’. In the Cup, Bolso could only convert in the 2-1 victory over Vélez, but in the Uruguayan Championship they are the team with the highest scorers with 19 goals in 10 dates.

“I don’t think the team lacks a goal, this Tuesday’s game went like this, we didn’t have the best decision out there in the last third of the field, but I don’t think that Nacional is at a time where it lacks a goal,” he considered. .



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