The old video of Ethan Hawke (Moon Knight) defending superhero movies revives on social networks

The old video of Ethan Hawke (Moon Knight) defending superhero movies revives on social networks

As most of you know, talking to some superhero filmmakers is like lying to the evil one. With more or less “aggressiveness”, there have been several directors who have charged against superhero movies.

Most of the suits are inevitably focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially since it is the greatest exponent of this genre today. directors like Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street), described the Marvel movies as a theme park, but not with positive connotations.

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Other filmmakers who have thrown poison darts at the genre are, for example, Ridley Scott (Alien, the eighth passenger) who called them “fucking boring”, or Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather trilogy), who called them “despicable” (minus Deadpool).

Every once in a while, the debate over the quality of superhero movies splits social media, with people speaking for and against the movies that, for better or worse, currently make the most money at the box office.

Ethan Hawke has gone viral this week after an old video reappeared in which he talked about superhero moviessharing his opinion on that alleged war that many maintain every two for three.

I love superhero movies and I love art house movies. I don’t think you have to differentiate between high art and low art.

There are movies that people put their hearts into, and movies that people try to profit from. The ones I like are the ones that people put their heart into: you can feel it in a superhero movie or you can feel it in an arthouse movie.”

Hawke, who has given life to Arthur Harrow in the Moon Knight series, he notes that Doctor Strange, The Dark Knight, and Logan are his favorite superhero movies. The actor also stresses that it is important for young people to know that there is more cinema, and regrets that everything has become a competition for box office figures or the ratings received.

Ethan Hawke is currently filming Leave the World Behindwith Sam Esmail (Mr Robot). He will also appear in Backstabbing 2 and in black phone.


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