The Northman: Robert Eggers reveals that the protagonist’s private parts were computer generated

The Northman: Robert Eggers reveals that the protagonist's private parts were computer generated

The Northman – 87% has earned the acclaim of critics and lovers of historical cinema, especially for the moments of tension, drama and fights it has. Viking stories are not something new, on television there have already been some successful programs such as Vikings – 60% and The Last Kingdom – 100%, each one showing their own vision of that pagan culture. It is evident that in order to exalt a story like this there is much to investigate and more to risk.

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If there is a point where all these stories come together, it is in the bloody battles, and it is that either in a war or a settling of accounts between two men – women also usually have an important role when it comes to fights – , there will always be blood and grotesque images. The Northmanwithout a doubt, could have caused pain to the majority of the spectators with a particular scene.

In it, the protagonist Alexander Skarsgård and his opponent, played by Claes Bang, have a naked body-to-body confrontation. We won’t talk about exactly how this battle ends, but it’s clear that the danger was felt as the actors fought with overly exposed swords. However, Robert Eggers has good news, and that is that no intimate part was put at risk during the filming of the film.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporteralso the director of The Witch – 91% and The Lighthouse – 96% spoke about how significant it was to be able to make a production of this size for their inner child. But he spoke particularly about the challenges she faced and how he handled that scene with naked Vikings fighting.

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It was not easy to make this film. […] We had to add things digitally because [los actores en realidad] they wore thongs because no one wanted their parts cut off. So we had to add some CGI genitalia for certain shots so they didn’t look too much like a Ken doll. You have to make it look real, so I’m sure we did some full body scans of Alex.

Eggers stressed that in order to develop a worthy film taking advantage of the huge budget, he had important collaborators who were experts in Viking culture such as the Icelandic poet Sjón, as well as the support of archaeologists and historians in order to acquire the appropriate authenticity.

I was able to build a viking village in a viking town with longships and merchant ships. It’s completely crazy. But the challenge is that you have a lot more responsibility on your shoulders, and that can be intimidating at times, but my colleagues and I were up for the challenge.

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The Northman is now in theaters, and features the performance of Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke, who, in the words of the filmmaker, he only asked to follow his lines without demanding more from their interpretations. The film has been described as an action-packed epic that follows a Viking prince who seeks to avenge the murder of his father, and it is from that point that the entire journey unravels.



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