The new air passenger’s manual | New air | The country

 The new air passenger's manual |  New air |  The country

For the vast majority, traveling is one of the great pleasures of life; discover new places, try unimaginable experiences and be surprised by the culture and geography of cities or entire countries, something that in the past only lived in books and in our dreams.

True, the world has changed significantly and there have been two years in which the dynamics of flight, security and transfer were significantly reconfigured. We are not the same either, but something has remained intact: the emotion of traveling.

How to continue enjoying yourself to the fullest, safely and conveniently in these new scenarios? Thanks to the quality and full range of options that one of the country’s flagship airlines, Aeroméxico, brings to us, the inspiration to fly in a unique and comfortable way comes in the form of good news for the benefit of the air protagonist of the present and the future. : we, the passengers. Take note.

1. Incorporate Club Rewardsr to your voyages. With this program you can accumulate eight Premier Points for every dollar spent, in addition, you can use them to purchase airline tickets, travel accessories, access exclusive promotions in Aeroméxico, as well as obtain checked or additional luggage with Premier Points, either through the Aeroméxico website, or through your apps.

Get your upgrade with Premier Points at and upgrade your seat, going from economy class to AM+, and from there to one in Premier Class if you wish. add your seat and suitcase, and start traveling with a new air, with more benefits

2. Enjoy priority service. With premier light, the priority services and exclusive amenities to which we are accustomed are maintained at a superior level of quality and unique benefits such as access to Premier Lounges, checked baggage and on board included, among others. Traveling comfortably and exclusively today is a basic for the modern traveler.

3. Remember that it can always be better. Improving and leveling up our experience is today a necessity translated into health, happiness and unique moments. With AMXL, after purchasing your flight you can buy two more seats next to you on long flights, so you can lie down if you wish, in addition to receiving an exclusive Premier Class kit.

4. Get an even higher level of comfort. And with AM Double Comfort, select and lock the seat next to you to travel with more space and a healthy distance if you wish. Enjoy all the personalization services during your flight, available for economy class.

5. The perfect trip exists. With Aeromexico Vacations you can put together a complete vacation experience tailored to your needs, even beyond your flight. Enjoy its network of more than one hundred thousand hotels with the option to personalize your room, access to hotels with exclusive amenities for Aeroméxico Vacations clients, 500 tours and more. This in addition, with the comforts of paying monthly without interest, promotions with Santander and American Express, at competitive prices.

6. Prevention is knowing how to travel. Flying calmly is flying safely and today, in the new world context, unforeseen events are part of the panorama. Aeroméxico protects you in collaboration with CHUBBthe largest publicly traded property and liability insurance company in the world, with operations in more than 54 countries, through different types of coverage, which include medical expenses and travel, dental emergencies, as well as protection in case of lost, delayed or damaged baggage.

7. The perfect flight starts off big. From Terminal 1 of the Mexico City Airport, Aeroméxico expands its services, through greater schedules and destinations from Mexico City.

8. We deserve to fly with a new air. We wait a lot for this moment, but in a way we were able to value those things that are worthwhile in life. Discovering new places or returning with new eyes to the places that made us happy is part of knowing to travel.


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