The Municipality of Córdoba adds more spaces for sports and recreation » Municipalidad de Córdoba

The Municipality of Córdoba adds more spaces for sports and recreation » Municipalidad de Córdoba

  • Agreements were signed with the Syrian Lebanese Society and the Union of Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomy Workers of the Argentine Republic (UTHGRA).
  • The Municipality will be able to carry out its sports and recreational programs with these associations in exchange for limited quotas for the municipal pools.

The Municipality of Córdoba signed two agreements for the provision of services to promote the spirit of cooperation and help between the institutions tending to promote the development of Sports and Recreational Programs.

In the first place, the Secretary of Government, Miguel Siciliano, together with Román Huespe and Edgardo Antonelli, director and deputy director respectively of the Undersecretary of Sports and Recreation, Horacio Manzur, president of the Lebanese Syrian Society and directors of the entity, signed the agreement by which they cede to the Municipality the non-exclusive use of some rooms specially conditioned for the practice of table tennis.

The agreement is committed to favoring the physical and intellectual development of people through actions aimed at disseminating and stimulating the practice of sport, in this case table tennis.

On the other hand, a contract was also signed with UTHGRA through which the Municipality gives it limited quotas for the use of Camping General San Martín in exchange for subsequent exchanges of services and benefits.

“The municipality of Córdoba took another step in this public policy that we are carrying out, working jointly and in union with sectors of civil society, institutions, foundations, organizations and unions. We have made our sports centers, our swimming pools and our campsites available to them so that the workers who live in our city can enjoy these places”, said the Secretary of Government, Miguel Siciliano.

These agreements mark the path of integration between the Municipality of Córdoba and the city’s institutions to carry out joint actions and collaboration of activities to encourage the development of sports and recreational practices.

For his part, Juan Rousselot, Secretary General of UTHGRA Córdoba, expressed: “We are very happy to have signed this agreement so that the workers of the union have access to Camping San Martín, to this beautiful property and with the expectation of continuing to work together with the municipality of Córdoba, which has always been available to tourism, hotel and gastronomic workers”.


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