The most HEARTBREAKING movie based on real events is at the Cineteca Nacional; everyone talks about her |TRAILER

 The most HEARTBREAKING movie based on real events is at the Cineteca Nacional;  everyone talks about her |TRAILER

Due to the complicated situation that derived from the health crisis, people turned to movies to make the pandemic more bearable, mainly through streaming consumption; however, consumers of the seventh art are in constant need and desire to return to movie theaters, as is the case with the Cineteca Nacional, which projects a wide variety of film genres.

Under this scenario, the complex located in Mexico City, announced the European Cinema cycle, which will feature various film productions ranging from dramas to comedies, which are already available on the billboard of the space for the seventh art.

New productions at the Cineteca Nacional

On this occasion we recommend the film “La civil”, which in addition to being on the Cineteca Nacional billboard, is also available in various commercial cinemas within its art rooms.

This film was made in collaboration between Mexico, Romania and Belgium, and has a duration of 145 minutes, directed by Teodora Ana Mihai and scripted by Teodora Ana Mihai and Habacuc Antonio de Rosario.

“La civil” is a film that follows the story of Cielo, who is the mother of Laura, who was kidnapped in northern Mexico; Although Cielo has paid various ransoms, Laura has not returned home. After seeing the attitude of disinterest on the part of the authorities in her situation, Cielo decides to take action on the matter by her own hands, becoming a militant in search of justice for her daughter.

Based on real events; What is “The Civilian” about?

It should be noted that this production is inspired by a real case of disappearance, which addresses a situation that surrounds our country today, where violence, corruption and injustice have become everyday.

“La civil” features performances and interpretations by Arcelia Ramírez (Cielo), Álvaro Guerrero (Gustavo), Ayelén Muzo (Robles), Jorge A. Jiménez (lieutenant Lamarque), Juan Daniel García Treviño (El Puma), Eligio Meléndez (Quique), Alessandra Goñi (Commander Inés); Below we show you the trailer of said film production:


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