The LiveWire S2 del Mar is the second Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle, although it does not bear its name anywhere

LiveWire S2 Del Mar (2)

There is no doubt that something is going on harley-davidson. The Yankee firm is famous for its custom models, very particular motorcycles with a very marked personality, which have a legion of followers just as particular as their products. And that is precisely the problem that has led Harley to make some changes, which have made those fans nervous and of course, has led them to bear all kinds of criticism.

But, as they say, renew or die and Harley-Davidson, that of dying, does not see it so clearly. The first sign of this was given with the launch of the LiveWire (now called LiveWire One, without reference to Harley), its first electric motorcycle that, as if that were not enough, was not custom. Its design has a certain air to the Sportster XR 1200, but its condition as an electric motorcycle was enough for the most staunch fans of the brand to send it to ostracism. Its price has also been a reason why other bikers, far from the concept that Harley has always represented, have not fallen under the spell of the LiveWire either.

However, the North American firm is not giving up and has put into circulation another electric model, although in this case, its concept is totally different and, of course, outside the catalog of the firm itself. Now, Harley’s electric motorcycles will be sold under the LiveWire logo, a sub-brand exclusively for electric models.

Thus, we are not talking, in theory, of a Harley-Davidson, but of a LiveWire, which looks quite interesting, very close to the famous American Dirt Track, a style of motorcycle that Indian has already been exploiting in the market for some time with the India XR1200. Obviously, they have little to do with each other, but the style of motorcycle and its shapes do have certain details in common.

The name of this new model is LiveWire S2 del Mar, which has been released in its launch version, limited to only 100 units, which will begin to be delivered in 2023 and has already sold out. They were sold in just 18 minutes at $17,699 each unit, about 16,800 euros), being only available, at least for now, for the United States. The “normal” production version is expected to reach Europe, a market that is committed to the elimination of combustion engines no later than 2035, as approved by the European Union Environment Commission.

The LiveWire S2 del Mar is the first motorcycle to use the scalable architecture developed by the brand, which is called Arrow. It will be the basis for future models, all of them electric and it uses, as a structural element, both the battery and the motor and electronics. The suspensions are more conventional, as it mounts an inverted fork at the front and a single shock absorber at the rear, while the brakes are a Brembo thing. Regarding the engine, there is not much data, but the estimated power is 80 hp, being able to complete the sprint up to 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.5 seconds. The autonomy is 160 kilometers in the city, a figure that could easily drop to half in case of driving on the open road.

They say from the brand that the new structure has allowed to reduce manufacturing times, and may also reduce its sale price. This platform also helps reduce weight, which should stay below 190 kilos.


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