The Lexus RZ 450e, already has a price in Spain



Marketing begins for the new Lexus RZ 450e, the new Lexus electric SUV, the first developed on a specific platform for a 100% electric vehicle, a new product framed within the ‘Lexus Electrified’ strategy.
  • In Spain, the new Lexus RZ will have three trim levels to choose from: Business, Executive and Luxury.
  • The model features the introduction of advanced technologies that enhance the Lexus “Driving Signature” and Lexus signature features.
  • It incorporates the One Motion Grip Steering System, the first in the world to combine the new steering wheel with Steering Yoke design, together with a steer-by-wire steering, where the wheels are driven by an intelligent electronic system.
  • It features the new DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system aimed at excellent road performance, with two electric e-Axles with a combined power of 313CV (230kw).
  • The New Lexus RZ 450e has been available since last April 2022 in Spain at all Authorized Lexus Centers on the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands from €73,000.
  • It includes Lexus Relax, the brand’s new service that incorporates up to 10 years of guarantee.

The RZ 450e is a new battery electric SUV, the first Lexus vehicle that has been developed from the ground up to be exclusively electric, realizing the exciting potential of new technologies that enhance performance and driving pleasure, true to the philosophy by Lexus Electrified.

First of all, the RZ is a Lexus, and it maintains the best qualities of performance and craftsmanship associated with the brand, in addition to incorporating an advanced transmission called DIRECT4, which combines the use of two e-Axles on the front and rear axles, with a Independent torque control between the axes. It also has an optional One Motion Grip system, which combines the Steering Yoke steering wheel with a Steer-by-wire steering system.

The online reservation of the model is available to customers from April 20 at, and deliveries will begin at the end of 2022.


Lexus has taken advantage of the design freedom offered by electric vehicles to create a vehicle that looks significantly different from conventional cars, but represents Lexus’ “new age” design.

The design concept is ‘Seamless E-motion’, expressing the power and smooth acceleration that BEVs are known for. The result is an innovative and simple form, which captures the spirit of technological evolution, functionality and performance.

Spindle Body: The Double Arrowhead Shape, From Grille To Body

The frontal design clearly distinguishes the RZ as an electric vehicle. By not mounting any internal combustion engine, the hood has been lowered, and the air intake openings have been reduced. The double-arrowhead grille has been one of the hallmarks of Lexus models for the past decade, but with the RZ, the shape now takes on a three-dimensional character, applied to the body of the vehicle.

The newly designed headlamps form a unit with the Spindle Body. These slimline headlights further emphasize the Lexus L-pattern of the daytime running lights, with the high beam and turn signals less prominent.

back design

The BEV character is also expressed in the rear design of the RZ, with a sophisticated image of advanced technology. The split rear roof spoiler extends the rear flow of the design and contributes to increased vehicle stability.

The elongated LED light bar that runs across the rear of the vehicle has become a hallmark of Lexus design. In this case, it presents a sharp and minimalist image, and both above and below it is as thin as possible, to convey a sense of simplicity and precision.


Lexus driving signature

Ensuring the Lexus Driving Signature was the main objective by developing the dynamic performance of the RZ and reinforcing the main traits of the vehicle: the three C’s of Confidence, Control and Comfort in any situation.

Lexus has ensured that the vehicle is always true to the driver’s intentions, so that sitting behind the wheel is both comfortable and exhilarating. Trying to make driving as natural as possible, with maximum fidelity of the vehicle to the driver’s actions, thanks to the optional One Motion Grip steering system, which combines a Steering Yoke with a Steer-by-wire system, a first in the automotive world, and the precise control of the DIRECT4 four-wheel drive.

electric shaft

The RZ has all-wheel drive via two e-Axles. It is a compact modular assembly consisting of a motor, gears and an ECU, located between the drive wheels. Two independent e-Axles are used front and rear on the RZ and work in conjunction with the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive control system (see details below) to adjust the vehicle’s position, traction and power distribution based on of the driving circumstances.

e-Axles are quiet, efficient and deliver precise power. The front motor produces 150 kW and the rear 80 kW, giving a total power output of 230 kW (313 hp). Both feature superior power density, thanks to optimized rotor and inductor design. Its compact dimensions also help pack the vehicle, so there is more space in the cabin and trunk and to house the EV battery.

First application of the new Lexus DIRECT4, all-wheel drive control

The RZ is the first production model to feature Lexus’ new DIRECT4 system, which works with both e-Axles. DIRECT4, a Lexus-exclusive technology, is an intelligent system that constantly balances four-wheel drive, automatically and perfectly distributing tractive effort. The result is a pleasant drive and high driving stability, with intuitive operation that reinforces the sense of connection between the driver and the machine.

Battery, autonomy and efficiency

The RZ uses a lithium-ion battery in a pack consisting of 96 cells, with a total power of 71.4 kW. It is located completely under the passenger compartment, and is an integral part of the platform. Its position also contributes to lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity.

The new RZ has a range of more than 400 KM in the combined WLTP cycle.

Thanks to attention paid to key factors such as optimizing vehicle weight, battery power and performance, the RZ is expected to consume less than 18 kW per 100 km, making the RZ one one of the most efficient BEVs on the market, a surprising figure due to its size and performance characteristics.

One Motion Grip: the first in the world

The One Motion Grip system that combines a Steering Yoke with steer-by-wire steering is one of the most important new technologies in the Lexus RZ. There is no mechanical connection or the traditional steering column; instead, an electrical connection is used to send signals from the steering wheel to the wheels. The result is instant response and more precise steering control.

The One Motion Grip system incorporates a new Steering Yoke steering wheel, which replaces the traditional steering wheel. Steer-by-wire technology requires less effort from the driver: It only takes a 150-degree turn, to make a full left or right turn, no need for hand-over-hand turns.

With the Steering Yoke, the driver has a clearer view of the instrument cluster and the road ahead. Lexus designers took advantage of this aspect to position the gauges higher and farther apart than would have been possible with a conventional steering wheel, thus minimizing the need for the driver to adjust their line of sight. In this way, the concept of the Tazuna cabin reaches a higher level, and allows to concentrate the driver’s attention on the road.


Interior design and the Tazuna concept

The RZ 450e’s cabin represents an evolution of the Tazuna concept. It combines the position of the driver behind the wheel and the precise arrangement of gauges, controls and screens to create a space where small movements of the hands and eyes are enough to steer the vehicle. The principle is inspired by the small adjustments of the reins that a rider applies to control his horse, which is the meaning of “Tazuna” in Japanese. With the introduction of the optional One Motion Grip system (see details above), all the benefits of the Tazuna cockpit philosophy can be realised.

The layout of the gauges, the front viewfinder and the 14-inch multimedia screen have been optimized, and the instrument cluster has been placed lower to improve the driver’s line of sight ahead. The designers have also interpreted the performance of the BEV in a clean, minimalist style, with fewer elements and ornamentation, while still using high-quality materials. The center console features a new rotary switch for the shift-by-wire system, reflecting the overall simplicity of the design.

advanced technologies

Lexus has introduced a number of advanced people-focused technologies to the RZ, to enhance comfort, functionality and life on board, reinforcing the spirit of Omotenashi hospitality. Thus, two innovations for Lexus stand out: a panoramic roof with regulation of the light intensity, with a special coating to reduce thermal radiation, and a radiant heating system in the passenger compartment, both for the driver and for the passenger.

media system

The RZ 450e is equipped with the new Lexus Link multimedia platform, with faster and more intuitive operation and more features for connectivity, efficient route planning and information.

The system, released in the new Lexus NX, includes an “always on” cloud navigation system, which has up-to-the-minute information on traffic incidents, accidents and road conditions. The voice recognition function understands and responds to the requests made, and is able to detect instructions, even if there is background noise. A new “Hey Lexus” on-board assistant is also included, as well as smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Thanks to the data communication module –DCM, Data Communication Module–, functions can be updated or added wirelessly, without in any way interrupting the use of the vehicle.


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