The Kermés Joven filled the neighborhoods of Cordoba with fun and colors – Web de Noticias

The Kermés Joven filled the neighborhoods of Cordoba with fun and colors - Web de Noticias

  • These are actions carried out by the Córdoba Joven Agency within the framework of the Plan to Strengthen Neighborhood Prevention and Coexistence Councils.
  • Playful and recreational activities were carried out in 15 neighborhoods of the Cordoba capital.

On Friday, the closing of the Young Kermesthe proposal that Cordoba Youth Agency carried out within the framework of Plan to Strengthen Neighborhood Councils for Prevention and Coexistence.

The initiative, which was implemented by Government of Córdoba through the Ministry of Community Linkage, Protocol and Communicationtook place during January and February in the different Sports, Recreational and Social Centers located in 15 neighborhoods of the Cordovan capital.

The closure took place at the Vivero Norte neighborhood Sports Center. In addition to the recreational activities, Ever’s musical set was enjoyed. It was attended by the Minister of Community Linkage Paulo Cassinerio; and the president of the Matías Anconetani Agency.

Inflatables, animation, games and musical shows by emerging artists brought together some 6,000 neighbors who shared summer afternoons to pure enjoyment. “It’s all very nice. And the activities are very good for the kids because they have fun and learn”said Natalie Palomeque, from the Bajo Pueyrredón neighborhood.

It is worth mentioning that the program has not only contemplated the participation of the Youth portfolio and its “kermés”, but has also offered cultural, sports, artistic, environmental activities (reforestation and setting up orchards, for example), science and technology, addiction clinic, public health spaces and advice on gender violencecoordinated by the various intervening areas of the Province and the Municipality.

“Not only children and adults are entertained, but everyone participates in the games, the plays, the listening spaces, the soccer classes and all the cultural, sports and environmental proposals. We are very grateful for all this.”said the neighborhood referent Germán Villarroel.

A space of integration and participation for neighbors

The plan to Strengthen Neighborhood Councils for Prevention and Coexistence provides for the creation of 40 sports, recreational and social centers in the Capital, of which 15 are already in operation.

They are meeting and development spaces for neighbors who are located in different neighborhoods of the capital city. The Neighborhood Councils for Citizen Security also meet there, which are returning to conform.

The main objective of the initiative is to strengthen the social fabric by providing safe and adequate infrastructure.

It is an articulated work between the Provincial Government and the Municipality of Córdoba.


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