The Importance of Restoring the LGBT Kiss in Lightyear!

The Importance of Restoring the LGBT Kiss in Lightyear!

Lightyear’s producer explained why it’s so important to present the LGBT relationship for Buzz’s story

Amid the controversies between Disney Florida by LGBT rights legislation, Disney decided to restablish the kiss between two women that will appear in Lightyear, the next Pixar film centered on the famous protagonist of ToyStory.

The move has been highly controversial, with people celebrating the decision and others being very upset. In this regard, the producer of the tape, Galyn Susan, commented to /Film what the couple was always very important to the plot because it was essential for buzz lightyear realized the family life he was missing out on and now they are “really excited” for being able to show the relationship without hesitation:

“We have always had the lesbian couple. They have always been part of the film. Putting the kiss back was important to us: it’s a moving moment. Help Buzz see what he’s missing.

He’s seeing the life his best friend has that he doesn’t have. He doesn’t have that kind of relationship. He doesn’t have a son. She doesn’t have what she has.”

galyn suman

The new film that aims to expand the universe of toy story will hit theaters on June 17 and will tell the story ofhe buzz lightyear human who inspired the hit toy he became obsessed with Andy. Alisha Hawthorne will be Buzz’s best friend, who will support him in the difficult mission of experiment with hyperspeed to try to leave a planet where they were abandoned.

A Bigger Problem for Disney

A source close to the production of Lightyear, reported that at some point in post-production, the scene had been cut. However, after the scandal generated by the new Florida bill “Don’t Say Gay” (Don’t Say Gay), which has been supported by lawmakers who received direct donations from Disney, causing a wave of protests and discontent between Disney employees and public opinion.

During their protests, several former employees of Pixar, published a letter to expose how have long tried to incorporate more queer characters and representation into their projects, but the company consistently banned those stories or cut them in editing.

That is why the decision to restore a kiss between two women or in Lightyear, marks an important point in the history of pixar and it is very likely that in the future we will be able to see more variety of queer characters in their projects.


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