The future of Star Wars in the cinema: Rian Johnson to the fridge and Taika Waititi before Rogue Squadron

The future of Star Wars in the cinema: Rian Johnson to the fridge and Taika Waititi before Rogue Squadron

We’ve lost count of the star wars series that appear on the horizon (just kidding, here we have them all). Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka, Andor, The Acolyte, Lando, the third season of The Mandalorian… Success after success on Disney+, the George Lucas universe is in full swing and seems to have found it on the small screen a new home. However, at Luscasfilm no one has forgotten its origins, nobody has forgotten the cinema and throughout an extensive article for Vanity Fair, the producer has updated the (still embryonic) status of the three film projects what’s on the way

Star Wars: The Taika Waititi Movie

The first project to arrive will be that of Taika Waititi, winner of a Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for Jojo Rabbit. The versatile filmmaker, also a recurring actor, is immersed in the Marvel universe, where he directed Thor: Ragnarok and is now preparing Thor: Love and Thunder. Once he’s done with gods and valkyries, Waititi will kick off the next Star Wars adventure we’ll see in theaters. An adventure that will be written by himself and Krysty Wilson-Cairns (1917, Last night in Soho).

Little is known about Waititi’s film, which has already been described by Disney as “fresh, unexpected and unique“. The company assures that “the director’s talent and sense of humor will make the public face an unforgettable journey.” While waiting for more details, remember that it will not be the filmmaker’s first iteration in the Star Wars universe Waititi directed the finale of the first season of The Mandalorian and even played droid IG-11 in several of the episodes of the series.

Star Wars Taika Waititi

Stars Wars Rogue Squadron, the movie

Focused on the adventures of the Rogue Squadron, Rogue Squadron is the film in the saga that Disney has put in the hands of patty jenkinsthe director of Wonder Woman 1984. Its title and main group already anticipate a good number of ship battles and inevitably remind one of the best Star Wars video games in history. The only problem with the film seems to be Jenkins’s own schedule, who is overwhelmed with work and is immersed in a new Cleopatra movie and in the third part of Wonder Woman.

According to the production company’s schedules, Disney expected Rogue Squadron to be the Star Wars movie by 2023, but things could have changed. According to Kathleen Kennedy, producer of the film and of Rangers of the New Republic, another series on the way about Star Wars, at Lucasfilm “there is a roadmap“Kennedy assures in the Vanity article that we will not see Star Wars movies with the regularity and cadence with which they came out before, but he is confident that Waititi’s will be the first to arrive and, after that, Rogue Squadron. Will they be gone respectively to 2025 and 2027the other two Disney slots for tapes of the saga?

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Star Wars: The Rian Johnson Trilogy

Finally, it remains to mention the controversial trilogy of Rian Johnson. The author of The Last Jedi, the installment that divides fans of the saga, was going to be in charge of the next three episodes of star warsbut the project has only been delayed since it was announced and many consider the idea shelved. Kathleen Kennedy states in the article that “Rian has been incredibly busy with Backstabbing and the deal he has made with Netflix to make multiple IP movies.” The article itself says that because of this, the trilogy is on the fridge until further notice.

Johnson had stated in the past that he wanted to go “beyond the legacy characters and find out the essence of Star Wars. Meet new characters. Go to a different part of the galaxy. Perhaps also to a different time. let’s find out what does Star Wars mean if we separate it from the iconography with which we have always associated it”. Let’s cross our fingers that the project will be resurrected one day.

star wars rian johnson

source | vanity fair


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