The fun of the enigmatic Carnival of Épila returns

The fun of the enigmatic Carnival of Épila returns

The Epila Carnivalone of the most famous in Zaragoza, once again floods the streets of the town of joy, music and costumes, after a year without being held due to the health situation. That is why this year their mascarutas and zaputeros come back stronger than ever, with a program of events prepared with special enthusiasm and designed by and for everyone, hoping to make everyone enjoy young and oldfollowing current covid measures at all times.

During these festivities, the epilenses complement their fun costumes with a cloth that covers their faceonly exposing eyes and mouth to be able to see, eat and drink. This is known as the mascarutasa tradition that goes back over 200 years, currently being a way of ensuring that the wearer is not recognized. The mascarutas join him the shoemakerscharacters with straw hats and work overalls, gloves and, of course, their faces covered to make the days fun from anonymity.

The goal is not to be recognized. SPECIAL SERVICE

This unique tradition is tried to instill in the youngest epilenses from schools, through activities such as those that took place last Thursday 24the first day of the festivities and fat Thursday, with the student parade CEIP Mariano Gaspar Remiro, which ended in the school’s large courtyard with the performances prepared by each group. The acts had already begun in the early hours of the morning, with the II edition of the balcony contest, with which they managed to fill the town with color. In the afternoon there was the meeting of mascarutias in the Plaza de la Constitución, and together with the characters from Madagascar, mosquitoes and music paraded to the Multipurpose Room, where they enjoyed a children’s mobile disco, pro sports games, face painting and a circuit of cars without pedals, ending with a delicious snack .

They take to the streets.

For several days the mascarutas and the zaputeros they will take over the streets of Épila, touring the town with its dances and performing fun performances. In addition the sunday 27 It is very important that the epilenses make an effort to surprise with their outfits, since they will be awarded three prizes of 200 euros to the most elaborate costumes.

Also, there will be mobile disk sessions aimed at different audiences during the festivities, as well as tastings of traditional products such as cupcakes and shortbread, which will delight everyone.

During the week Epilenses will be able to take a short break, although there will be room for some activities and contests, such as Tiny Starsthe monday 28, which will award great prizes to those who most closely resemble their favorite artists or groups, and the hilarious seedy and tacky costume contest, also on Monday, which will be in charge of putting an end to an unparalleled day. And if we talk about competitions, we cannot forget one of the most traditional and illustrious of the Epila Carnival, the murgas contest, Tuesday, March 1with prizes for the most elaborate and tremendous.

The little ones will also be able to demonstrate their dancing skills in the Super Diver Tik Tok on Monday, as well as enjoying a Tuesday afternoon with children’s animation in the Multipurpose Room, by Sing, Laugh and Dance with the Chupitrupis.

Programming of the Epila Carnival of 2022 Special Service

It will not be until the weekend when the acts return, with the traditional carnival lunch for all the mascarutas March 5th, organized by the Peña el Almuerzo. Then the mascarutas will tour the town accompanied by Obbe Street and DJ Beuxy, and in the afternoon it will be the children who enjoy their private mobile disk. At night, DJs Alex Melero, Juanma Peris, Israel Alegre and Ewemisa will be in charge of making the epilenses vibrate in a mobile disco where it is not allowed to forget the costumes.

Finally, the acts will be finished on Sundaywith a parade of masks, from the Multipurpose Room to the Plaza de Conde Aranda, accompanied by the Charanga Los Predispuestos where the Carnival will be dismissed with the burning of the traditional figure of “Don Zaputero”.

The Councilor for Celebrations, Sara Cortés, asks caution with covid measures and collaboration so that everything goes well. So, with everyone’s efforts, it will be a week marked by joy to celebrate the return of one of the most important dates for Épila, where the most important thing is have fun and let goeven if it’s only for a few days politically incorrect.



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