The fun doesn’t stop

The fun doesn't stop

The fun doesn't stop

Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 1.

Mexico City

In addition to including characters like Boba Fett and Spider-Man, Fortnite added new mobility features such as the ability to slide to travel distances faster and the web to swing on the battlefield.

This is how it went for us in Chapter 3 – Season 1 of the famous battle royale from Epic Games.


After a great battle against the Cube Queen, the Island was turned upside down, so now it offers a whole new world, full of surprises and mysteries to be discovered in Chapter 3 – Season 1.

Full of hills, rivers and caves, the new Island features mysterious sites, such as the Sanctuary, the hidden home of the Seven and even now features El Clarín or the “Daily Bugle”, where Peter Parker gives his photographs to JJ Jameson.

The fun doesn't stop


Chapter 3 – Season 1 introduces a completely new island, so it’s a good opportunity to experience Fortnite for the first time or return after a long time of not having played the battle royale that is still one of the most popular in the industry.

As seen at the conclusion of Chapter 2, ‘The Rock’ is one of the members of The Foundation, so this season there are several special challenges that you must complete to gain additional experience and even unlock unique cosmetic items.

But on the Island there is also great recognition of the Foundation, with a huge statue that decorates the landscape in one of the emblematic places. The place is full of mountains, rivers, caves and buildings, which when exploring you will be able to stock up on weapons and all kinds of supplies that you will need to aspire to victory.

As in previous Seasons, we will find all kinds of vehicles, from boats, cars, trucks, off-road ATVs and more, so mobility is very fast to escape in case the combat zone is reduced.

In the new scenarios there are also new ways of moving, for example, in El Clarín there are various cobwebs that serve as springboards to climb the building more quickly and thus attack your enemies from a new perspective.

Following this theme, a special “weapon” that was added this season is the web shooter, Spider-Man’s gloves that spread webs so you can swing with ease. Like the triggers on most Spider-Man in the Multiverse, these web shooters have limited cartridges, so you have to be careful how you consume them.

The fun doesn't stop

A new item this season is the Crown of Victory.

To my surprise, using the web shooter is very intuitive and fluid. It does not reach the level of experience offered by the games Marvel’s Spider-Man and Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but at least the mechanics do feel better than Crystal Dynamics’ Spider-Man DLC in Marvel’s Avengers.

Another new movement mechanic allows you to slide when going downhill, to cover distances faster and easier, to avoid enemy fire or even sneak up on you to attack. You can also crawl faster when downed, to recover in the safety of your squad.

Another healing alternative is the camps. Throughout the map, just like the weapons or the net shooters, there are also camping houses that you can place anywhere. Once you get into them, you and your squad can slowly heal up. Here you can also store items to collect in other games . If the storm approaches, you can leave your camp with your items and they will remain stored in new stores.

A new item this season is the Crown of Victory. If you are among the best in a battle royale match, in the next launch of the bus you will descend with one of them, which will make you stand out from the rest of the competitors. By keeping possession of the crown, you will gain an experience bonus during the match and if you manage to be the last one standing with the crown, you will receive an exclusive emote.

The fun doesn't stop

In this season you will get experience points for your battle pass by earning accolades.

To get more cosmetic items, this season you will earn experience points for your battle pass by earning accolades in creative mode. This is important, because in the Battle Pass there are special items for higher levels, such as the Spider-Man skin, which requires at least level 80 or purchase several previous items.

As in previous seasons, the Battle Pass is broken down into a series of spreadsheets, and you’ll progress as you level up or purchase a certain minimum amount of cosmetic items by purchasing them with stars you earn as you level up. Therefore, in addition to performing well on the battlefield, it is important to complete challenges to advance faster.

In addition to shooting and trying to survive, on the Island there are several activities that you can do, such as fishing, going around a circuit with huge off-road vehicles and more. And taking advantage of the holidays, Epic Games brought back the Winter Festival, a temporary event full of surprises and gifts.

The fun doesn't stop

On the battlefield, it is important to complete challenges to advance faster.

Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 1

Free-to-play, with in-game purchases, for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC

Rating: 4.5/5

Classification: B+15, for adolescents over 15 years of age

Developer: Epic Games

Distributor: Epic Games


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