The fun continues! “The Cuphead Show” will have a new season

 The fun continues!

It did not take long to ensure his return, confirming the good reception he has had the animated adaptation of the acclaimed and award-winning game of MDHR Study.

Less than two weeks from its premiere on Netflixthe streaming giant made official this Wednesday that “The Cuphead Show!” (The Cuphead Show!) will have a second season with new episodes that will arrive during this 2022.

The new cycle will be launched in the boreal summer. That is to say, between June and September of this 2022 we will return to the Inkwell Isles.

In their long-awaited jump to animation, “Cuphead” and “Mughead” put together a series that is an animated delight and that came from the hand of a team where the Chilean Andrea Fernández stands out (Unikitty!) as art director, who has already “nearly three years developing art for this show.”

The visual aesthetic of the series not only respects the art style of the popular run and guninspired by 1930s animation, but also keeps the music jazz-based for the brothers’ multiple animated misadventures on surreal islands.

paragraph lto Chilean art directortransferring the art from the game to the series “was something that took about six, seven months in development, to figure out how we were going to transfer the look of the backgrounds that were done before, which were all like this, in watercolor. We developed this look so that while it was digital, it would still feel traditional. That was like the hardest part (…) We wanted it to be modern, but with that 1930s flavor”.

Produced by Netflix Animation, “The Cuphead Show!” was presented last February 18 on Netflix with its first twelve episodes of 12 minutes each, having in its English version the voices of Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro as “Cuphead” and “Mugman”, respectively, with Joe Hanna as the “Old Teapot”, Luke Millington-Drake as the “Devil” and Wayne Brady as the great “King Dice”.


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