The first supports for Will Smith arrive in the form of movies

The first supports for Will Smith arrive in the form of movies

More than two months have passed since the last Oscar Awards gala. A ceremony in which Will Smith became the maximum protagonist after slapping chris rock for an unfortunate comment about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smithand for taking home the statuette for Best Actor for ‘The Williams Method’.

But, what is still causing people to talk is precisely the slap in the face of the American humorist, who was punished by the Film Academy with 10 years without being able to attend any event related to themneither electronically nor in person. This has not been the only punishment of him, but some big screen projects turned their backs on this event.

Many have been the films that have been pushed back, but now, two months later, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for Will, who has recently been treated in a rehabilitation clinic and in India – where he has been treated with a meditation guru-and that has received the first messages of support after this storm.

Sony supports the actor

They arrive from Sonyand more specifically of its president, tom rothmannwho has endorsed Will Smith on the future of the film ‘bad boys 4’in which he stars alongside Martin Lawrence. “That movie has been in development and still is.. There were no brakes to pump because the car was not moving. That it was a very unfortunate thing that happened”, Tom has started explaining.

And it is that the last film of the saga, ‘Bad Boys for Life’, was a success at the box offices around the world, managing to raise a total of 426 million dollars. A figure that led Sony to consider the fourth installment, and so it has been.

For Tom Rothman, forgiveness is essential, and he also trusts the actor a lot: “I don’t think it’s really my place to comment, except say that I have known Will Smith for many years and I know that he is a good person. That was an example of a very good person going through a very bad time, in front of the world. I believe your apology and regret are genuine, and I believe in forgiveness and redemption.”.

An opinion that is far from that of other celebrities linked to the big screen, such as the producer jerry bruckheimerwho rejected the actor’s action on the Oscars stage: “The people who are higher up have to make that decision.”


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