The first Social Tourism trip took 48 older adults to Sierra de las Quijadas

The first Social Tourism trip took 48 older adults to Sierra de las Quijadas

The cool day on Saturday morning was not an impediment for a group of 48 older adults, members of different retirement centers in the province, to leave at 9:00 from the Ministry of Tourism in two minibuses from the Ministry of Social Development to comply with the first trip of the Social Tourism program launched by the Government of San Luis last week.

These trips form part of the first stage of this program and includes scheduled trips with groups of neighbors from different sectors of the provinceas older adults, people with disabilities, children and ex-combatants from Malvinas de San Luis who will travel in the company of a professional tour guide to different tourist spots in the Province.

“Initially there will be two monthly departures in this first stage, the trips will be expanded as the program grows over time. The objective later is to add accommodation in inns and trips with contingents to destinations such as Chapadmalal and Río Tercero.”, anticipated the Secretary of Tourism of San Luis, Luis “Piri” Macagno.

I want to thank the authorities of the province of San Luis for allowing us to spend this beautiful daywhere this group of older adults can enjoy a day, which otherwise would be economically impossible. Getting to these places and the way it was, where they looked for us and brought us with tour guides and with all the services is really a great benefit and, for me in particular, that I was able to see the Sierras de las Quijadas for the first time” , highlighted Marta Susana Ojeda, president of the Federation of National Retirees and Pensioners.

The head of the Subprogram for the Elderly of the Ministry of Social Development, Marta Rodríguez, said that In this first opportunity, the group was formed with retirement centers from El Volcán, La Punta and the city of San Luis.. “These are centers with which we have been working together with the Ministry and we invite them, since Tourism gave us the possibility that the first to travel are the elderly,” he added.

The tour guide, Carlos Rodríguez told that this group made the “lookout tour”, which is a walk that consists of 1300 meters between the north and south balconies and that allows you to observe the entire extension of Potrero de la Aguada with a very close view of the cliffs. “It is an excursion that lasted approximately an hour and a half, and that was laid out on a very quiet path according to the visitors.”

The walk concluded with a visit to the new confectionery “Posta Huarpe del Cuyum” in charge of the Huarpe community of Guanacache. “We are very happy with the visit and for the interest in our culture, that of the Huarpe people.. It is very beautiful to be able to share a talk, a meal or a walk with older adults, who for our culture are highly respected people for their wisdom and life experiences,” said Miguel Ángel Calderón, chief of the Huarpe de Guanacache community.

The next outings of Social Tourism include visits to La Pedrera, La Carolina, Merlo and La Punta.

Note and photos: Ministry of Social Development Press.


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