The Fira de Montjuïc is transformed into a city of outdoor fun

The Fira de Montjuïc is transformed into a city of outdoor fun

  • This year’s Christmas park offers a wide range of activities for the little ones until December 31

In the open air, without closed enclosures and with the animation typical of a traditional Christmas park. ‘the city of fun‘, a free proposal and outdoors of leisure for children and families, offers from Monday to next Friday skating rinks, basketball courts, circus workshops, karaoke, live shows and food trucks to rest for a while. The proposal, which this year replaces the one known as ‘Ciutat dels Somnis’ -the old Festival of Children and Youth- has been adapted this year so that the covid does not take its toll. Families can enjoy ‘La Ciutat de la Diversió’ installed in the Universe Square of the Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc Enclosure.

Playful activities for children

The initiative is not even painted at a time like this, the visitors assure. It is difficult to find safe leisure proposals and outdoors for children. In this way the little ones can enjoy activities ranging from theater with puppets, the karaoke or graffiti painting up to a giant billiards, ‘hover karts’, skating or ‘skate’.” I have an 8-year-old boy who had covid last year and is used to all the measures. We really liked that have done this abroad because until now they had always done it inside and they have been able to reinvent themselves. Should be permanent, because here in Barcelona there is a lot of space but very little dedicated to children and these outdoor activities should be constant“, comments Lucía Hoavinkova while her son plays soccer.

Culture, games, multisport and mobility are the four thematic areas of the more than 20 activities offered on the premises. Alberto Pardo has brought his two granddaughters to spend the morning “I bring the girls so that can breathe and have fun. There are many days to be with the children without an offer, because since the covid began it has been greatly reduced. Children need lots of activities and this outdoor proposal is one good opportunity for them, so they can do something different.


Pilar Hernández has brought her daughter and a friend to enjoy a morning of games, she emphasizes the importance of these activities also for mental health. “These are very necessary activities because mental health is also important and they they need to break free and get out of the routine. It’s a good proposal, we go out to the mountains a lot on weekends, but for those who can’t do it, it’s a proposal that should stay“.

Maite, for her part, celebrates the reinvention of the Festival of Childhoodsince they have been able to adapt to the circumstancesand considers that these types of activities are a way of detox kids from screens. “I have two children, 8 and 10 years old. Activities like these are very good because after almost two years with little supply and locked up at home, they are finally reinventing themselves and making outdoor proposals for them to enjoy. They are missing many things and these activities should stay. It is also a way to detox children from the screens that have accompanied us so much in the last two years”.

Aina, 9 years old, leaves the skating rink with her parents “I am very happy because there are lots of things to do and play and they are different from what we do at school”.

Children, the most responsible

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In general, the families affirm that the children are adapting very well to the current situation and that many times they are even more responsible than adults. “I have a 6-year-old boy who has always been very responsible with everything, much more than us. He always washes his hands, does not take off his mask, does not give kisses and does not give hugs (laughs). He has taken everything very literally but I am happy that he is aware and has everything so assimilated” explains Meritxell Muñoz.

Pau is 10 years old and is very clear that the activities have to be held in safe way “Here I’m playing the same as in the schoolyard, with a mask. I’m used to it, so I don’t get as tired as at first”.


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