The export of Spanish dairy products grows by 4% in volume and 11% in value in 2021

The export of Spanish dairy products grows by 4% in volume and 11% in value in 2021

France, Italy, Portugal and the USA, our main clients

Inlac.- The national dairy sector continues to advance in its unstoppable process of internationalization, with notable upturns in the value achieved. In 2021, sales outside our borders totaled 572,356 tons, 4.27% more than the previous year, worth 1,271 million euros (+10.99%), meanwhile, imports have decreased slightly in volume (-0.19%), according to data from the Spanish Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) analyzed by the Dairy Interprofessional Organization (InLac).

“The sector has enormous potential abroad to continue gaining positions in the sale of dairy products in their different and multiple categories, such as milk, butter, cream and, increasingly, cheese. Year after year, the results outside our borders improve as a result of a firm commitment to internationalization”, highlighted the president of InLac, Ignacio Elola. “Both the European Union and third countries, especially the US and the UK, are giving our producers and exporters a lot of joy. Spanish dairy products are becoming more present in international markets every day, although there is still a long way to go”, the president of InLac clarified.

Cheeses have great weight and relevance in the sector’s foreign trade as a whole, being one of our “star” products abroad. Thus, exports amounted to 112,754 tons in 2021, which is 5.42% more than in 2020 and 561.50 million euros, 10.61% more than the previous year. In general terms, the same structure of markets of origin and destination of the foreign trade of the Spanish cheese sector is maintained, so that most of the sectoral commercial exchanges take place in the intra-community environment, especially with nearby markets such as France, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Belgium.

From the technical and analysis services of InLac, the importance of cheese exports to the United States stands out, since in 2021 they accounted for 15.06% in value and 7.59% in volume of the total of shipments outside our borders, positioning itself as the second foreign market in the sector in value and the fourth in volume for this line of products. Likewise, they underline the evolution of the United Kingdom which, despite its departure from the European Union, is positioned as the sixth largest market for Spanish cheese exports both in volume and value.

“We have more and more diversified markets and we not only export to neighboring countries, but also to third countries. Thus, we export cow’s milk, either in containers or in bulk, to countries such as Libya, the Dominican Republic, Italy or Portugal; condensed milk to Saudi Arabia, France or Australia; cream to France or China; powdered milk to the Netherlands, France, Portugal or Germany; evaporated or concentrated milk to France or the Dominican Republic; yogurt to Portugal; fermented milk to Italy, Portugal or France; or butter to France, Italy, Portugal or the Netherlands.

In short, in view of the behavior of the foreign trade of the Spanish dairy sector, it can be affirmed that the annual growth trend of exports that has been observed in recent years is maintained; sectoral imports have also increased in 2021 compared to the previous year; This represents a slight decrease in the negative trade balance of the sector.

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