The European Union extends travel restrictions affecting Cubans

The European Union extends travel restrictions affecting Cubans

Cubans will continue to be unable to process short-stay visas to travel to the member states of the European Union (EU) for tourism or family visits, at least until June 15.

As reported in his account Twitter the Consulate of Spain in HavanaThe EU extends until June 15 the restrictions imposed as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

“NON-essential travel restrictions from third countries (including Cuba) to the EU and Schengen partners,” the message says, are “extended until June 15.”

The limitation, which prevents Cubans from visiting their relatives in Europe and has been extended several times, has generated discomfort among users, something that is reflected in the responses to the tweet from the Spanish Consulate.

“There is no shame in the Consulate of Havana, many families want to see each other again, share and enjoy… there is no equity, equality and Fraternity. Spain infringes the rights of Cuban citizens for almost three years without a visaor…it’s disgusting,” wrote Stella Rox G7.

“Who is behind giving the order to continue extending this absurd travel restriction for Cubans I’m sure he sees his family every day, how unfair, how helpless?” Kirenia questioned.

“The bat was broken, what a lack of respect towards the Cubans when they come in from everywhere every day, it’s unfair,” Ramkin criticized.

A user identified as Aliushkina questioned whether the ban was due to the Covid-19 pandemic, “taking into account that they are already thinking of eliminating the use of masks in airport facilitiesIn addition, Spaniards can enter Cuba. Isn’t it the same thing?” he asked.

“Is it really that Cuba is not the medical power that you defend or what?” asked Mariposita C. “What a shame, they open Morocco and not to mention the small boats… But the Cubans, no. What are they afraid of? It is a hypocritical decision. How badly Spain is going !!!”.

According to a statement from the Council of the EU on Tuesday, February 22, at that time it was decided to make the entry of people immunized with a vaccine authorized by the EU or the World Health Organization (WHO) more flexible, provided they have received the last dose at least 14 days and no more than 270 before arrival, or have received a booster dose.

None of the vaccines manufactured in Cubawhich are the ones that most Cubans have received, have the endorsement of the WHO or the EU, so people immunized with these drugs do not benefit from the measure.

Whoever reserves an appointment and does not attend will be disqualified

On the other hand, the Spanish Consulate in Havana also reported in its account Twitter that users who book appointments and do not show up will not be able to book them again in the future.

“We warn that users who book appointments and then do not attend will be disabled and will not be able to book appointments in the future,” the Consulate tweeted.

“If you book an appointment at the Notary, Legalizations or Visas and you are not going to attend, then cancel it,” the message demands.

In mid-February, the Consulate reported the elimination of face-to-face procedures for consular services for requesting certificates of consular discharge and residencewhich will be carried out exclusively electronically through: [email protected]


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