The color of the Carnival full of fun Uribe Kosta


Uribe Kosta is now ready to put on her costume and enjoy the festive spirit of Carnival. In this way, the municipalities of the region have prepared special activities to have a great time. For example, Barrika will dress up this Saturday and Sunday. The barrikoztarras will be able to enjoy un children’s circus workshop on Saturday from 12.00 and of one disco party and snack on Sunday afternoon. The activities will take place in the Ander Deuna Aretoa classroom in Goierri.

In this regard, the Councilor for Culture, Itziar Unibaso, points out that as every year they have worked together with the Jai Batzorde “to organize carnival activities that are familiar and, above all, aimed at the smallest and smallest. He also explains that this year they are “excited” because they will be able to enjoy this holiday, although it will be necessary to “continue to maintain some measure such as the use of the mask and no crowds,” he details.

On the other hand, Lemoiz also brings back the costume party this Saturday the 26th. After a year of absence caused by the pandemic, the City Council resumes the organization of a festive event in which the disco party and a chocolateThey will delight all audiences. The events will take placefrom 6:00 p.m. in it Armintza pedimentwhere there will be costumes, music, chocolate and, above all, a great atmosphere.

on this line, in Sopela music, theater and virtual simulators they will take over the programming from Friday 25 to March 1. Precisely, andThis weekend there will be performances by Leo Bassi, Korrontzi and Go!azen at the Urko sports center. As for Tuesday, March 1, there will be a special Carnival program with children’s workshops, parades, carnival shows and a costume contest.

In the case of Berango, the main artery of Sabino Arana will be the epicenter of the fun and color of Carnivall. There will be held, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., various children’s activities such as make-up and mask workshops, musical parades with giant puppets and a great atmosphere.

In the same way, In Gorliz on Friday the 25th there will be a parade and a show by Aratz Dantza Taldea at 6:30 p.m. MoOn Saturday, children’s workshops will be organized and the day will be enlivened with a fanfare and on Sunday there will be a playroom session.

Likewisee Plentzia will offer a special program with various activities and games for the little ones. A) Yes, on Friday the Jai Alai will host an activity in Basque for boys and girls between 8 and 16 years old, at 6:00 p.m., in which there will be overcome different challenges, hieroglyphs and tests to find the treasure. An activity that they encourage to attend in disguise. The next day, a storytelling session will be offered at Goñi Portal, at six in the afternoon. Ziripot, Miel Otxin, Zaldiko and other friends will be the protagonists of this story session, in which the txikis will discover the music, the costumes and the play Animalien Inauteria.



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