The carnivalcore trend is here to bring fun to the home

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This is where the tent room comes in. For centuries, they have brought a touch of luxury to domestic spaces with fabric walls and a sense of grandeur. For anyone faced with a small space without exciting features, Martin recommends putting up a tent: There is simply no better way to create a fun and theatrical atmosphere within the home. “Like the circus, [los interiores con carpas] create a feeling of escape, which brings to mind the idea of ​​traveling to distant countries and stay in tents full of furniture“, he says. “From a purely practical point of view, they also offer an easy and effective way to transform a room and do it in a very tactile way.”

A maximalist “smoker” in the Brooklyn Heights home of designer Adam Lippes.

Stephen Kent Johnson.

Martin maintains that “there is a time and a place for the circus enters your house“, and encourages clients to “use a reason instead of committing to the look complete”, referencing Beaton’s circus-themed bedroom in Ashcombe, UK. Though perhaps a step too far for him, Martin admires anyone who is so bold and unafraid of design: “It avoids any sense of being coolbeing unabashedly about the colors, the patterns and the joy“, Add.

I am fully aware that the The terms circus and carnival should not be used interchangeably., as they are different forms of entertainment with their own histories and traditions, but they share many of the same visual elements, such as the colors of the rainbow, stripes and harlequin patterns. The traveling carnival is probably the one most of us are familiar with, as many of them have circuses along with all the clown decorations. The carnival aesthetic includes an enchanting spectrum of primary colors, wavy shapes, and patterns.

Like an aerial trapeze artist, bow down for him carnival core it requires a certain taste to pull it off smoothly. Like Cara Delevingne, soon you too will be the master of ceremonies of your own domain. Always remember that the joke is that your guests laugh with younot from you.

Article originally published in ADUS.



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