The best board games: skill, strategy, luck and fun | Showcase

 The best board games: skill, strategy, luck and fun |  Showcase

Enjoy with friends and family with one of these fun games full of surprises.  GETTY IMAGES.
Enjoy with friends and family with one of these fun games full of surprises. GETTY IMAGES.

Board games are the perfect option to have fun in a group, away from screens and the digital world. In addition, they offer numerous benefits: they develop motor skills, speed, concentration, memory, observation or imagination. They can also help develop strategies, make decisions or promote coexistence and group interaction.

It is always a great idea to have a board game as a complement to the home and it can also be a choice to take into account if we have to give a gift. For this reason, we have made a selection with the best board game options that can be found on Amazon. Eight affordable proposals, suitable for all types of ages and training.

Jenga Refresh

Composed of 54 wooden blocks that make up a tower, this game inspired by the classic Jenga It consists of removing, in turns, a block from the tower without the entire stack collapsing. Suitable for children from the age of six, it requires a minimum of two participants to play. Includes a mounting bracket.

A classic to train dexterity

It is a simple, basic and very easy to play board game. It is perfect to enjoy with the family because it adapts to all ages. It only requires skill and dexterity to accurately remove a piece without dismantling the tower.


A proposal to enhance speed, observation and reflexes. And is that the game Double Its mission is to find the same symbols printed on the cards, in the fastest way. It is made up of 57 symbols and players compete to find the matching symbol among the cards.

Each game lasts approximately ten minutes and is an ideal game for both adults and children. There are many versions of the game, with variations in price, such as the one inspired by the universe Harry Potter.

fun and family

As the game is based on reactions and visual perception, rather than knowledge or strategy, adults have no advantage over children, making it the perfect family game. You learn to play very quickly.

Board game Dixit

A simple and familiar game, suitable for children from eight years old. To play you need a minimum of three participants and a maximum of six players. The duration of the game is approximately thirty minutes.

It is an innovative, creative board game that guarantees maximum entertainment. It favors social interaction and empathy, since you have to put yourself in the shoes of the rest of the players and discover which card can represent love, happiness or friendship for them.

To enhance empathy

The game mechanics are designed to encourage creativity and imagination. In each turn a person chooses one of the illustrated cards and must explain it with a phrase or word. The goal is for at least one of the participants to find out which card it corresponds to.


This is a proposal that requires attention and strategy. The Catan, a classic of board games, it is recommended for children from ten years old. Each game lasts approximately 75 minutes and to play you need a minimum of three participants and a maximum of four.

Requires cunning and strategy

It is a game that combines strategy, cunning and the ability to negotiate. Players try to colonize an island and create trade routes as quickly as possible, through the purchase of raw materials and the construction of roads or cities.


A fun, addictive and easy game to take everywhere. Board game Virus requires a minimum of two participants to play, being suitable from eight years of age. The mission of the game, made up of 68 cards, consists of facing viruses and competing to be the first player to eradicate them, managing to keep the body safe.

Only one move can be made each turn: discard, draw, infect, heal an organ, and so on. The game lasts approximately twenty minutes, and for this it is recommended to play a maximum of six players. It has dimensions of 10 x 2 x 15 centimeters and only weighs 195 grams, making it a very easy board game to transport, since it takes up little space, and is packaged in a box that allows you to enjoy it everywhere.

Letters for the little ones

To win it is necessary to have the four cards that correspond to some of the vital organs without infections or viruses (heart, brain, lungs and livers) and, at the same time, infect and infect the organs of the opponents.

Jungle Speed

The objective of this board game is to get rid of all the cards as quickly as possible. How? Its 70 cards are dealt face down equally, then the wooden totem is placed in the center.

They then each pick up a card at the same time. If two symbols match between players (the color does not matter) a duel begins to get the totem. Whoever does so discards cards, being closer to victory.

To enjoy in a group

Jungle Speed is a fast, fun and perfect board game to enjoy in a group. A best-selling product, recommended for children from seven years old that allows between two and ten players per game.


Hilarious mime game to play with family and friends. This game requires the mimicry of the players and their interpretation. The players of each team will have to guess the maximum number of words interpreted by one of the members when the clock starts. It has three different skill levels.

For acting lovers

Contains a total of 320 cards, an action timer, a sticker sheet and an instruction manual. In addition, it includes a trophy to award to the best player.


Board game bang It includes a packaging that is a bullet-shaped box, since it is a special edition. It is perfect for three to eight players to play, with a minimum age of eight. Each participant has a role in the game, with which they will have to achieve a specific objective to win the game, full of strategies.

Set in the Wild West

It’s a fast-paced, fun, and full of surprises Western-style card game. It is made up of different types of cards: role playing cards (Sheriff, Bailiff, Outlaw, Renegade), western characters and game cards (shot, recover lives, etc.).


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