“The Bad Guys” will steal the fun

“The Bad Guys” will steal the fun

DreamWorks returns to theaters today with a new adventure: “The Bad Guys”, where Mexican talent is key to the plot, as the animated film features the voices of: Jessica Segura, Kalimba, Manolo Cardona, Gonzok and Pablo Perroni, like the protagonists.

“The Bad Guys” focuses on the adventures of “Mr. Wolf” (Manolo cardona), “Mr. Piranha” (Kalimba), “Mrs. Tarantula” (Jessica Safe), “Mr. Serpent” (Paul Perroni) and “Mr. Shark” (gonzok), a quintet of thugs who dream of becoming the most feared thieves and although they are quite creative in the way they achieve their misdeeds, their plans do not always work, so after facing justice, they will have the opportunity to show that their villainy can be transformed into goodness and offer something positive to society.

EL INFORMADOR spoke exclusively with these celebrities about the peculiarities of this story that talks about second chances to improve life: “Part of the plot is that moment when you find yourself at the crossroads of making a decision for an important change in your life in an opportunity that presents itself. It also has many different messages that are intertwined with the fact that they are iconic characters that, normally in real life, these animals scare us, cause us fear or trauma, but little by little you grow fond of them, “he says. Kalimba.

The perfect accomplices

With extensive experience in dubbing and being the voice of classic characters such as the puppy “Simba” in the Latin version of “The Lion King”, Kalimba is one of the stars that leads the baton in “The Bad Guys” and through “Mr. Piraña” will provide a special message that explores the importance of friendship, trust, self-love and acceptance of others.

“I don’t identify with ‘Mr. Piranha’ today, but I definitely felt identified with him from 17 to 28 years old, the truth is that I was quite reckless as he is, because when he is passionate about something he doesn’t care about the consequences, he goes with everything, but He is also loyal and faithful… He defends his friends tooth and nail even if he puts himself in danger, that was me for many years. They are characters with whom you are going to become attached even if they are the typical animal that in real life causes you the opposite, they all have a good side.

In the same vein is the Colombian Manolo Cardona, protagonist of the series “Who killed Sara?”, who along with his castmates Pablo Perroni and Gonzok, also debuts in the animated dubbing experience to give life to the leader of the pack of naive petty thieves: “Mr. Lobo ”, who with his cunning and hunger for victory will have the challenge of straightening his path and learning how to channel his abilities towards a purpose of self-improvement.

“In my case it was the first time I did dubbing, I loved bringing ‘Mr. Lobo’, but it was a bit difficult for me, because I didn’t know the technique and it was difficult at first, but they helped me get the character out, to guide me, I really enjoyed it there”.

About, Pablo Perroni Y gonzok, who give life to “Mr. Snake” and “Mr. Tiburón”, respectively, recount the capacity that he has had dreamworks to offer a story different from the others, so they celebrate the opportunity to have their first dubbing experience: “My character is ‘Mr. Jaws’ and from the moment I did the casting I totally fell in love with the character. I think that in the end they are all like children, but this one, despite the fact that he is a bad guy, has a very angelic innocence, he may seem a bit dull or silly, but he is not at all, he is a very intelligent character, he is someone who knows how to dress up, distract and attract the attention of all people. That bad part of him is counteracted and plays very well with this contrast of being the most angelic, ”says the youtuber Gonzok, who on his networks has more than three million followers.

Pablo Perroni, who has participated in projects such as “La Candidata”, points out that “Mr. Snake ”is one of the most feared characters in the plot due to his abilities, despite not having limbs, so the comic arc of this protagonist will leave a great taste in the audience’s mouth.

“‘Mr. Snake’ is the baddest, but in reality he has a huge heart, it just doesn’t look like it, in that we are a little alike”, comments the actor humorously, referring that giving voice to this character was a fantastic experience to explore another facet interpretative from the family humor.

all terrain emotional

Kalimba, Manolo Cardona, Pablo Perroni and Gonzok point out that “The Bad Guys” has an unconventional first in animated films, highlighting the courage of DreamWorks and Universal to bet on characters who are always portrayed as the bad guys in the story and take them to another perspective: “Each one of the characters is different, but they accept each other as they are; They love each other, care for each other and support each other. Each one has a very important role within the group”, adds Kalimba.

Manolo cardona highlights that one of the axes of the film bets on the need to always allow a second chance when something fails, which is why it highlights that the message of the film is also for adults: “I think that the subject of second chances is very important, realizing that it is never too late and that those second chances are also in the day to day, of how one faces life, with what foot are you going to get up, what good or bad actions will you do. We are all imperfect human beings who make good and bad decisions, ”he concludes.



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