The 7 best websites to watch movies online in Spanish totally free

The 7 best websites to watch movies online in Spanish totally free

In this era of streaming, more and more companies want to get a piece of the cake and create their own streaming platform, although not all of them come to fruition.

But not everyone is willing to pay for each and every one of the streaming services that exist (because in the end a little money goes between them), opting for those that are of greatest interest to them.


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Fortunately, today there are certain platforms and web pages that offer among their content movies and series that can be seen completely free and legally, making it a very interesting option to be well entertained without paying a single penny. .

Today, at Hobby Consoles, we collect what we consider to be The 7 best websites to watch FREE movies online in Spanish (2022).


YouTube is always a good option when it comes to finding free online moviesbecause there are many titles that have expired their copyright and can be shared freely.

It is also the case that it is the distributors themselves who offer free content through their respective YouTube channels, where they can be found totally free, not only movies, but also series and television programs.


Legally free

Linked to YouTube we have Legalmentegratis, a website that hosts a wide range of movies that can be seen completely free.

We say that it is linked to YouTube because all the movies listed are played through the video platform.

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The advantage of Legalmentegratis is that we won’t have to waste hours searching for free (and legal) movies, since the web collects all the cinematographic content one hundred percent legal.

We usually find classic cinema like The night of the Living Dead either Rebecabut we also have more “modern” movies like the ethnographer either earthlings.



Although it has several payment rates, Tivify also has a free subscription option where you can watch all the television channels live.

Besides, It has an option to enjoy all the movies broadcast in the last weekso you can always find the odd interesting title to watch.



Another of the best websites to watch movies for free is RTVE Play, the official website of Spanish Television where you will find television programs, series and, of course, movies.

You can access its entire catalog whether you register or not, but registering gives you certain advantages such as being able to save the movies that we like the most, continue a movie where we left off and even download content to watch offline. All this also free.

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Within the RTVE Play catalog we find films such as The choir boys, Thesis, To the sea, Summer 1993 either beautiful timeamong other.

If you want to know more about this website, here we leave you some of the best series and movies that you can watch totally free on RTVE Play.



Continuing with the free movie websites we have Rakuten TV, a site that has a good range of movies to watch completely free (with ads) once you have created an account.

Within its catalog you will find online movies like Perfume, The Machinist, Terminal, my best summer, Postcript I love you, Gotti, recording either Cubeamong many.


Pluto TV

Pluto TV could not be missing the best websites to watch movies for freeWell, it is one of the best options when it comes to enjoying content without paying a penny.

You don’t even need to register, you just have to access the website (or download its app) and enjoy all the free channels it includes.

TOP series and movies that you can watch for free on Pluto TV without paying a single euro

doctor who

Not only will you be able to watch the movies through their live broadcast on the channels dedicated to cinema, since it also has the On Demand option to be able to enjoy them at any time of the day. Of course, always with ads.

Among the free movies offered by Pluto TV we find titles like Dune (1984), Sophie’s decision, Always Alice, Cube, little shop of horrors, ghost in the shell (the anime one), The hunt either The best offeramong many others.


A movie

Filmon is a free website that has more than 600 live channels in different languages, although with commercial breaks, of course.

Its catalog of free movies is extensive, in which we can see great classics such as the man that knew too muchby Alfred Hitchcock, as well as other feature films that are not so classic, but also very well known, such as All for a dreamstarring Nicole Kidman, the Zandalee (On the edge of desire), with Nicolas Cage.

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The main drawback is that most movies are in original version or dubbed into englishso this website is recommended only for those who know how to defend themselves with the language.

Here we end our review of The 7 best websites to watch FREE movies online in Spanish. If you want other free recommendations to enjoy, here are some of the best free games for PC and consoles that you can download right now.


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