the 5 movies you must see

the 5 movies you must see

It has been more than a year since Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) was acquired by Jeff Bezos’s company. Thus Prime video streaming service It would have access to several classics that belonged to a major that had not stopped reaping losses for years, the last pandemic being an absolute disaster for its economy. However, separate catalog expansion, the hen that lays the eggs gold was the signing of one of the most iconic characters in action movies and now, James Bond comes to Amazon Prime Video. But What are the five essential films that we must see of agent 007?

The best OO7 agent movies

1-‘Agent 007 against Dr.No’

‘James Bond vs. Dr. No’ (United Artist)

Agent 007 vs. Dr. No It has the honor of being the first adaptation of the James Bond saga on film. 1962 and a Sean Connery in a state of grace completed the British agent’s first mission on the big screen. Here, not only James Bond comes to Amazon Prime Video. In Jamaica, Bond will investigate the murders of a British agent and his secretary.

2-‘From Russia with love’

James Bond is coming to Amazon Prime Video
‘From Russia with love’ (MGM)

The year after the first film, the success was such that Terence Young he repeated in directing, adding to the good reviews of the first installment. Bond’s trip to Russia is living proof of Cold War tensions and is considered one of the best films in the franchise.

3-‘James Bond against Goldfinger’

‘James Bond vs. Goldfinger’ (United Artist)

Without being as transcendental as the previous twowhat drives the tape is one of the first villains at the height of Bond: evil Auric Goldfinger. A tycoon who is after the operation “Big Hit”with the aim of destabilizing the world economy.

4-‘Fall from the sky’

‘Fall from the sky’ (MGM)

Influenced largely by the success of The dark knight by Christopher Nolanthe merit of fallen from heaven is to explore the relationship between Bond (Daniel Craig) and M (Judi Dench) and in a glorious interpretation of Javier Bardemsurely being the best villain the franchise has ever had.

5-‘Casino Royale’

‘Casino Royal’ (MGM)

Now and after his retirement with no time to dieIt might seem that Daniel Craig was an obvious choice for the role, but his take on the character was one of the most criticized in living memory. Luckily there it was Martin Campbell for this restart loaded with realistic action and with a Craig who proved to be brutal in the melee and why not, also a very elegant guy.


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