The 3 WORST movies on Netflix; don’t even try to see them because they are bad

 The 3 WORST movies on Netflix;  don't even try to see them because they are bad

Netflix has established itself as one of the most popular audiovisual entertainment options around the world, and although this company located in Los Gatos, California was created in 1997, it was not until 2007 that it began offering its service through personal computers in the United States. However, the limited liability company type company began offering a DVD rental service through postal mail, but now it is one of the best audiovisual production companies in terms of creation and acquisition of products related to series and movies for worldwide distribution. .

In this sense, the options are multiple within this platform, which has titles that range from drama and comedy, to documentaries and bioseries; Among his main original productions are Orange is the new black, Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

However, the platform also has productions that have been described by specialists as very bad, even terrible, which were not well accepted in theaters.

For this reason, we have selected three of them, which are available in the Netflix catalog; We show them below:

cosmic sin

“Cosmic Sin”, a film starring Bruce Willis which bills itself as science fiction, in which Willis stars as a disgraced general who comes out of retirement to fight a hostile alien race.

The story is set in the year 2524, where humanity has long been colonizing planets outside the solar system.

Regarding the participation of Bruce Willis, film critics have commented that the actor is still in a losing streak of acting, but the script by Edward Drake and Corey Large has also been criticized.


This production had its premiere in 2016, is the comedy genre and was directed by Antonio Serrano Argüelles under the script by Sabina Berman and starring Miguel Rodarte, Cecilia Suárez, Aislinn Derbez, Mario Iván Martínez, Ofelia Medina and Renato López.

Said film production was evaluated with a rating of 3/10 by Filmaffinity, and 4/10 by IMDb, which follows the story of Evaristo “Evo” Jiménez, a character played by Miguel Rodarte, who is a renowned homosexual fashion designer who is in a very important part of his career, so a duo of documentary filmmakers begin to film his daily creative process.

This is how the documentarians discover that Evaristo is not actually homosexual but a closet heterosexual, and that he is also a womanizer who in just 18 months has had sexual relations with more than 322 women.

Macho has been considered one of the worst Mexican film productions in recent years, and is currently hosted by the streaming giant.

It should be noted that the actor Renato López, who had a participation in said production with a duration of 102 minutes, was murdered less than two weeks after the premiere of said production.


This film was considered a total disaster, as it became an almost unnecessary film which starts from a heist prank, so it combines a romantic drama but also action.

The film was made with performances by Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor, who in turn introduce the characters Linda and Paxton, a struggling couple whose planned separation must be put on hold due to Covid-19 isolation restrictions in London.

While the pandemic lockdown lasts, it is to plan a jewelry heist that would make them millionaires, thus using his delivery job and her access to Linda’s Harrods vaults.


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