The 3 facts you didn’t know about the new Manchester City shirt

The 3 facts you didn't know about the new Manchester City shirt

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The powerful English team decided to renew its image and presented its new clothing. All the details.

©Manchester CityThe new Manchester City shirt.

manchester city comes from starring in a new setback in the framework of the UEFA Champions Leaguehis big goal. It is that, after being one step away from qualifying against real Madridthe team commanded by Josep Guardiola fell asleep in the final stretch of the second leg and ended up being left empty-handed again.

In this way, the questions once again fell on the coaching staff headed by the Spanish strategist and also on the players. It is that Manchester City is one of the most powerful teams on the globe today and has really impressive names, so it has little room for error.

Likewise, at the same time, Manchester City is one step away from a new title under the orbit of the English Premier League. Without going any further, the Citizens will arrive at the last date of the aforementioned domestic competition depending on themselves: with a victory over Aston Villa they will celebrate regardless of what happens with Liverpool.

In the midst of this panorama, this Thursday, Manchester City decided to make its facelift official. How? Presenting in society the clothing that will begin to be used shortly. A clothing that was well received by each and every one of the fans and that has some details that you probably did not know.

The three facts you did not know about the new Manchester City shirt

In the first instance, it is not a minor detail that the new Manchester City shirt presents a classic design, whose only novelty is the color imposed on the collar and sleeves, which is burgundy. In this way, it only remains to wait to see the design of the two alternative outfits of those led by Guardiola.

The second relevant piece of information that you probably were not aware of is that, historically, Manchester City knew how to use this burgundy color on their shirts. It was even predominant in alternative clothing during the 1950s and 1960s. Therefore, it is not an innovation or something strange.

The last comment has to do with the last time that Manchester City used a shirt with a strong presence of burgundy. It happened during the 2017/2018 season, at which time the Nike firm was in charge of dressing the British, precisely shortly after Guardiola’s landing on the substitute bench.


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