Ten days after the opening of borders, collective trips to Chile returned | ANB :: Bariloche News Agency

 Ten days after the opening of borders, collective trips to Chile returned |  ANB :: Bariloche News Agency

It has been more than two years since a bus left for Chile from the Bariloche bus terminal. This morning, a large number of passengers came very early to board the bus with high expectations.

Ten days after the opening of borders, Vía Bariloche company trips were reactivated with four weekly frequencies from Bariloche. According to Horacio Longarini, operational manager of the firm, in principle the destination will be Osorno, although they hope to add Puerto Montt in a few days.

“The bus left complete, which tells us that it was something highly anticipated, highly requested by the people,” Longarini said, adding that “for Friday’s departure, for example, the bus is already complete.”

The trips have four weekly frequencies: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and in principle, they maintain the schedule of 7:30 in the morning, “which is the historical schedule of this route,” he said.

A few days ago, the borders with the neighboring country were reopened, after more than two years of closure due to the pandemic. On repeated occasions requests and announcements of possible openings were made, but the Chilean government was reluctant to do so.

Finally, with reduced hours, on Sunday, May 1, trips to both sides were rehabilitated, without the need for humanitarian or special permits, as was the case up to now.

As part of the requirements, the mandatory traveler declaration is requested (Covid-19 request and self-report) and vaccination requirement upon entry: voluntary vaccination approval to access a mobility pass.

In addition, every foreign person who enters Chile must have medical insurance that includes Covid 19 for a minimum coverage of 30 thousand dollars, in case any medical benefit is required during the entire stay in the neighboring country.

Longarini explained that passengers who wish to travel to Chile must complete these steps since they are mandatory regardless of the means of transport. For Argentine residents traveling from Chile to Bariloche, the requirements are the same, although the Covid insurance does not require minimum coverage.

Tickets to travel to Chile can be obtained at any of the company’s ticket offices or through the website. Due to high demand, they suggest buying it in advance. (ANB)


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