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 Takes a DNA test

Vanner and Donna Johnson of Utah USA, they thought it would be “fun” to take a DNA test; However, the result left them devastated: after 12 years, the man learned that he is not the biological father of his second child, who was conceived through an in vitro fertilization process. The couple gave details of what happened on a local television channel.

“When I looked at that paper and saw the phrase ‘father unknown,’ I thought, ‘What do you mean father unknown? If I am the father of him’”Vanner said in conversation with ABC 4 News. Believing that something went wrong during the test, they concluded that, during the fertilization treatment, Donna’s egg was fertilized by another man’s sperm.

“There were a lot of emotions that we had to overcome. We had to separate the love for our son, who hasn’t changed for a second, from the problem we were dealing with.”added the man; However, when he organized a walk with his son to tell her what had happened, he was surprised by his reaction. “He told me that he loved me”.

Following the incident, the family underwent another DNA test to find out who the biological father is. After an arduous investigation, the Johnsons believe they have identified the person responsible: a man named Devin McNeil.

Things did not end there, because the Johnsons managed to find the McNeils and realized that both families were at the same time in that fertilization clinic in Utah. Furthermore, they concluded that Devin’s sperm may have been used not only on his wife Kelly, but also on Donna by mistake.


Both the Johnsons and the McNeils have decided to take matters into their own hands and express their support for each other to get to the bottom of it. “I just wanted them to accept that they have a half brother out there and someone else to love, but they immediately went to play in the park and just turned this difficult situation and something that should never have happened into something good.”Kelly said.

Both families are preparing separate lawsuits against the University of Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine, as they want to prevent any family from having to go through what they are experiencing.

For its part, the clinic spoke briefly on the subject on ABC News 4: “Although we cannot comment on patient cases without consent or without ongoing litigation, the safety and care of our patients is our primary goal”.

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