Take the fun outside with these original games and activities

Take the fun outside with these original games and activities

Outdoor Activities Available at My Modern Met Store

When the good weather arrives, there is nothing better than taking advantage of the hours outdoors. However, for many it can be difficult to find fun activities that don’t involve screens. That’s when old-fashioned entertainment comes in handy. From “Cat Jenga” to puzzles and crafts, My Modern Met Store offers a variety of fun activities to keep your mind active outdoors.

For artists who want to follow in the footsteps of the Impressionists, Viviva Colorsheets is the perfect creative tool. This phone-sized set lets you carry 16 shades of watercolor in the form of a small notebook. With it, you can paint in the open air wherever you go.

If you want to do something with the whole family, Nervous System’s unique puzzles are a great option. This cutting-edge design studio combines galaxy- and geode-inspired computer algorithms to create puzzles that are literally one of a kind. The infinite puzzle, for example, has no beginning and no end, which means it can be put together in thousands of different ways. Similarly, the beautiful large geode puzzle mimics geology with its 360 intricate pieces and five “special crystal-inspired pieces.” You’ll need all the help you can get to complete these challenging puzzles!

On the other hand, if you want to take a game on a hike or picnic, you may need something more portable. If that’s the case, Comma’s adorable cat stacking game is for you. One of the best sellers in our store, this wooden kitty game is a kind of Jenga in reverse. In this game, the goal is to stack all six cats as high as possible without them falling over. It is the perfect activity for groups of all ages.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite games and activities that will have you having a great time outdoors. Don’t forget to head over to My Modern Met Store to see the full collection!

These unique games and activities will add a fun twist to your outdoor excursions.

Viviva Colorsheets Portable Watercolors

Viviva Colorsheets Portable Watercolors

Alive | $19.95+

Book: 642 Things to Draw

Book of things to draw

ChronicleBooks | $16.95

Earth round puzzle

Earth round puzzle

Four Point Puzzles | $25

Activity book: The Wildflower’s Workbook

The Wildflower's Workbook

KatieDaisy | $16.95

Flower pencils (set of 5)

flower pencils

Trinus | $22

infinity puzzle

infinity puzzle

Nervous System | $120

Book: How to Be a Wildflower

How to be a Wildflower

KatieDaisy | $19.95

Chameleon Color & Blend System: Complementary Pastel Color Set

Chameleon markers to combine colors

Chameleon | $39.99

big cat stacking game

cat stacking game

Comma | $36

Big Geode Puzzle

geode puzzle

Nervous System | $95

Coloring book for adults Fantastic Cities

Coloring book for adults

Steve McDonald | $14.95

1,000 piece puzzle oranges

1,000 piece puzzle

Galison | $16.99

Kit to embroider a stuffed hedgehog

Kiriki Press Hedgehog Embroidery Kit

Kiriki Press | $18

Discover more fun games and activities at My Modern Met Store!

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