Surprise among operators: the Ministry of Tourism suspended 1,000 travel agencies

Surprise among operators: the Ministry of Tourism suspended 1,000 travel agencies

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, through the National Directorate of Travel Agencies, temporarily suspended 1000 travel agencies why did not constitute the guarantee fund established by Law No. 18,829, whose purpose is to ensure the proper functioning of companies and protect tourists.

The decision was known by provision 100/2022, which was published last Tuesday in the Official Gazette, and drew attention to the number of suspensions.

“There is a margin of error in the load that can be less than 50, for example. But 1000 suspensions is a lot, unless the majority have not submitted the renewal. Perhaps Covid influenced that, if so, ”said an industry source familiar with the process.

Meanwhile, from the Ministry they said that last year the number was similar and more than half reversed the situation by presenting the policy within the six-month period granted to them.

“Every year the agencies have to present by law the policy before the direction of the Ministry. They have from January 1 to March 15 to do so. Otherwise, the agency management has to temporarily suspend them and gives them a period of six months to present the papers. It is what the law marks, there is nothing exceptional. In fact, the policy is presented immediately, the situation is reversed”, they explained and clarified that the suspension is to sell new trips.

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“The point is that, if the system does not show that the agency presented the policy, it must be suspended because if not, then the problems will come: agencies that cheat, that don’t show up for mediation, that don’t have their papers in order or leave people stranded, so by law they must be temporarily suspended until they reverse the situation. Those who are given the definitive discharge are those who do not present the policy two years in a row because it means that they have ceased to operate”, they added.

However, the Lammens portfolio plans to meet from Monday with authorities from the Argentine Federation of Associations of travel and tourism companies (Faevyt) to see specific cases of agencies suspended due to loading errors in cuit or other data.

Meanwhile, from Faevyt they said that the suspension is over and as of today they will review the reasons in search of a solution. “If it is for administrative reasons, it can be fixed quickly and easily. The weird thing is the number. It is not normal”, they concluded.


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