Summer and children, tips to have fun in the water but safely

Summer and children, tips to have fun in the water but safely

If we have thought take the kids to the beach or to the pool this weekend or during the August’s vacationwe must be very careful when it comes to protecting your skin under the sun, but also ensure that the moments of play in the water are safe and not just fun. We talk about Summer and children and the best tips to have fun in the water but safely.

Summer and children, tips to have fun in the water but safely

Water for our children almost always has incredible charm and appeal. Nevertheless, risks are always around the corner, since statistically drowning is among the top 10 causes of death among children. So never let your guard down and apply the tips that we are now going to list so that children can have fun safely in the water.

little tricks

In the case of the sea, there is little we can do to try to prevent small children from getting close to the water, buti have a house with a poolor we go on vacation to one that has it, it will be good to make sure that the pool is fenced and in this way the little one cannot access it alone. or we can also choose to cover it when we are not using it as well as avoid leaving toys inside so that children are not attracted to them and do not want to go into the water alone.

In the case of seait will be a matter of protecting children and therefore we must accompany them when they bathe at all times, as well as resort to use of sleeves, floats or vests.

Watch the centimeters

A very young child (up to 3-4 years old) can be in difficulty even in a few centimeters of water and can even drown. Thus, you should tryr that the pool water does not cover above the belly when standing. The same can be said for the sea. Always make sure you get into in a flat area, with the sea calm and that the water does not cover you above the belly.

never let them out of your sight

When children want to play in the water we must always accompany them when they are small, while those who are older can play alone although we must always maintain eye contact with them, as well as ear contact so that we can act quickly in case the child suffers any mishap in the water and we have to intervene.

And in case we have to absent ourselves at any time, even a few secondsis better asking another adult to stay with or watch the children.

The little ones from 0 to 5 years

Children very young (0-5 years) should be in the water only with the physical presence (in the water) of a responsible adult. Responsibility for supervising one child cannot be given to another child, even an older one.

Life jacket

Both in the sea and in the swimming pools of sports or recreational facilities, it is necessary to ensure that the lifeguard is present.

Know the dangers of the place

Do not let’s leave the kids alone if we think that there may be small places of water nearby (swimming pools, inflatable pools, lakes, rivers or ponds), or if we are not aware of the surroundings (adjacent houses with swimming pools, or the presence of canals, wells, lakes, rivers or streams), not even for a very short time.

Some early drownings occur because children leave their own yard or that of others (a friend’s house or the farm) and explore their surroundings, without the responsible adults knowing.


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