Step by step how to obtain the documentation to travel to Chile

Step by step how to obtain the documentation to travel to Chile

The next Sunday On May 1, the borders between Argentina and Chile will expected measure in the region where the passes found in the province of Neuquén such as Cardenal Samoré, Hua Hum and Pino Hachado will be enabled.

To enter the trans-Andean country, the Government of Chile relaxed the requirements but in any case there is documentation that must be processed in advance, before traveling, because it will be required at the border complex through which you wish to transit.

One by one the procedures to enter Chile

One of the salient data of the announcement of the opening of all of Chile’s borders is that will no longer require the PCR negative made before traveling.

However, the requirement to obtain a Sworn declaration which must be processed online.

This documentation must be completed on the web up to 48 hours before to start the trip. This should include contact information, health and travel history. East form will deliver a QR code as a means of verification.

Another procedure that must be carried out before traveling is validate vaccines against Covid-19 received in the foreign country, in this case in Argentina. Yes ok this point is not mandatory is the one allows you to obtain the “Mobility Pass” to be able to enter shops, restaurants, hotel establishments and other closed places where they could require it.

Vaccine validation must be carried out on the website There are two ways to create an account, one for Chilean people who must have their identity card from that country at hand. Another mode is for foreigners, who are asked for an email and the generation of a password.

Validation of vaccines received in Argentina must be processed on the site

There you must complete the information that each person has in their Argentine vaccination card, with the name of the vaccine received, the date and the batch number. The system asks for a QR Code of vaccines, which it is obtained through the mobile application Mi Argentina, entering the item “My Health”. There the code that indicates “complete vaccination” is displayed. This document must be downloaded and saved on the cell phone or computer in PDF; and is loaded on the Chilean page.

The Chilean site Me Vacuno indicates that once the documentation is uploaded to validate the vaccines, it can take up to 10 days to authorize it, so it must be done in time, although it currently only takes 24 hours.

The Chilean Mobility Pass is enabled once the vaccinations received abroad have been validated.

Once the site indicates that the vaccines received abroad have been validated, the Mobility Pass is enabled, which has its own QR code and that it is the one that must be taken to each place in Chile in the face of the possible requirement.

Another provision that Chile included is that at the border crossing will randomly test of Covid-19, it will not be required of all people who enter the country. If a person tests positive, he must isolate himself in a declared address.

How to get health insurance for Chile

Foreigners who want to travel to Chile must have previously contracted medical insurance for travelers that has a $30,000 coverage for assistance in case of contracting Covid-19 in the neighboring country.

International travel medical insurance can be hire through specialized companies such as Assist Card, Universal Assistence, some national insurers, among others. Travel search engines such as Despegar also offer this service and some credit cards with international coverage allow their customers to activate it automatically.

The prices of medical insurance vary according to the age of the person traveling, but on average they cost between 1,600 and 2,000 pesos per day. The figure is multiplied in the case of people over 75 years of age.

These insurances cover the cost of medical assistance in case of coronavirus, isolation or hospitalization, expenses for a companion, transfer or repatriation, among other points. Each plan that is contracted has its scope specified.

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