SpaceX paid 236,000 euros to silence a sexual harassment complaint against Elon Musk

SpaceX paid 236,000 euros to silence a sexual harassment complaint against Elon Musk

spacexthe aerospace company created by e.lon muskpaid 236,000 euros to silence a Flight Attendant who denounced the tycoon for sexual harassment Y sexual misconduct. The flight attendant accused Musk of showing her his erect penisrub her leg without consent and offers a horse in exchange for a erotic massage during a company flight, in 2016. The tycoon denies the facts and draws iron in Twittera week after paralyzing the purchase of this social network for 41,000 million euros. “We can use “Elongate” as the name of the scandal. It’s a bit perfect “, she has tweeted, at the same time that she has accompanied the message with a laughing emoticon.

The stewardess worked for the fleet of corporate jets from SpaceX. After accepting her job, the company encouraged her to take a course in massage therapist to be able to massage Musk, explains the media outlet ‘Business Insider’, which published the exclusive this Thursday.

The agreement of compensation to bury the complaint was signed in 2018 and included a Confidentiality clause. She has been a friend of the alleged victim who has spoken with ‘Insider’ and who has shared the documents and other evidence, such as her own statement.

A horse if “he did more”

The flight attendant told her friend that the billionaire asked her to come to his cabin during a flight “for a full-body massage,” the statement said. When the assistant arrived, she discovered that Musk “was completely nakedexcept for one bed sheet that covered the lower half of his body.

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The statement specifies that during the massage Musk “exposed his genitals” and then “touched her and offered to “buy her a horse if she would ‘do more,’ referring to performing sexual acts.”

“Wild” and “false” accusations

After hearing the news, Musk has gone to Twitter to deny the facts. He states that attacks on him “have to be seen through a political lens” and this is part of “your user manual. strategy standard (and negligible)”. “And, for the record, those wild accusations son completely false“, he wrote later on the social network.


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