She Hulk: “Abogada Hulka” and other series and movie titles in Spain that we Latin Americans cannot understand (and vice versa)

She Hulk:

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image source, Marvel/Disney+ Entertainment


The latest Marvel series has been translated in Spain as “She Hulk: Lawyer Hulka” and has reopened an old debate on networks.

It doesn’t fail. There is a moment in every meeting between Latin Americans and Spaniards when the same discussion is reached: “Why do the films have such bad titles?”

The accusation is mutual and manages to unleash the deepest passions. There have been fierce counterpoints in search of the most incredible and ridiculous title.

The latest title in the Marvel universe has revived the fun dispute on networks this week.

image source, Marvel/Disney+ Entertainment


The promotional image of “She Hulk: Lawyer Hulka”

This is the newly released series “She Hulk: Lawyer”which in Latin America has been translated as “She Hulk: Defender of Heroes”.


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