Shapovalov, live: result and summary of the Rome Masters 1000 tennis match

Shapovalov, live: result and summary of the Rome Masters 1000 tennis match

Now all that remains is to hope that the tennis player from Manacor heals well for Roland Garros and can play in his favorite tournament. Thank you very much for following us!

The chronic injury that the Mallorcan supports will not disappear, but the Balearic will have until May 22 to find methods to correct it and take it as well as possible,

In addition, his elimination at the Masters 1000 in Rome in the round of 16 against Shapovalov has made him fall from the list of seeded heads and at Roland Garros he would face big names like Djokovic, Medvedev, Zverev or Tsitsipas in a hypothetical quarterfinal.

This year will be different, and except for a last minute announcement, the tennis player from Manacor will play Roland Garros without having previously won any title on clay

Although he has maintained his competitive attitude, Nadal has not been able to beat his chronic right foot injury and has succumbed to the eyes of the tennis world with a problem that has dragged on for years

“It’s something that is there, and unfortunately my day to day is difficult, really. Sometimes I have a hard time accepting the situation”, Rafa Nadal acknowledged a downcast, showing a facet that is practically never seen.

Even so, he has promised that Roland Garros “is still the goal, there are a few days left”, to which he has sentenced: “I will continue dreaming”

Curiously, in 2021 ‘Shapo’ was out in three sets after winning the first against Nadal (3-6, 6-4 and 7-6(3)), an order that has been repeated exactly like this, but for Manacor ( 6-1, 5-7, 2-6)

“A long-suffering Rafa Nadal fell in the round of 16 in Rome after losing to Canadian Denis Shapovalov, who knocked him down in a tough battle (1-6, 7-5, 6-2 in 2 hours 37 minutes). The worst thing that The man from Manacor was badly injured on his left foot, and his limp became evident in the third round.

The previous matches between the Canadian and Nadal had been an ordeal for the Balearic. He had taken them forward but to the limit. He took him to the fifth set in the last Australian Open and to the third last year, also in Rome. This time the same thing happened after various ups and downs.”

We’ll see if he has scope beyond his heartbreaking defeat in the Rome Masters 1000 round of 16, as Roland Garros is just around the corner.

The round of 16 match begins at the Foro Italico!

The one from Manacor beat Shapovalov 3-6, 6-4 and 7-6 and further cemented a rivalry triggered by the Canadian’s strong comments in their following duels

Against Wawrinka today the Serbian has achieved his 998th victory, and is already facing the quarterfinals which, if he passes, would lead him to a hypothetical semifinal against Nadal to crown himself a thousand-year-old on the tennis circuit

At any moment, today’s protagonists will enter the central court of the Masters 1000 in Rome to play the round of 16 of the tournament prior to Roland Garros

The Canadian continues to accuse his mentality problems in tense moments of the matches, especially against the best tennis players, and this can be a very important asset for Nadal today

Despite this, Nadal has shied away from excuses and charged his weaknesses with self-criticism: “At this point, more than my rivals, I am the one who has to improve. And I am going to work for it and to follow the path”, he admitted. the balearic

The man from Manacor trained twice yesterday and today to adjust his game to the level-up he will have against the Canadian in a few minutes

At the moment the number 1 in the world is already in the quarterfinals after eliminating Wawrinka, and the man from Manacor has to do the same in a few moments against the dangerous Denis Shapovalov

The Canadian yelled into the stands “Shut the fuck up!” while he was booed for angrily protesting an arbitration decision, a fact that already happened in one of his matches against Rafa Nadal.

“I was just showing you the mark of the ball. I’m not doing anything unsportsmanlike. Why do you punish me with a point? It’s very stupid, it’s not fair,” Shapovalov inquired, deranged despite his victory.

This means that the central court of the Foro Italico in the transalpine capital is ready to receive Rafa Nadal, who today has a very tough test against the rebel Shapovalov

It was on the hard court of the Canadian Masters 1000 in 2017, where for the first time the paths of both tennis players crossed in the round of 32 and Shapovalov surprised the tennis world by endorsing a 3-6 6-4 and 7-6 (4 ) to Nadal

The tennis player from Manacor knows that he will not have it as easy against Denis Shapovalov as in his debut and has exhausted the hours of training to accelerate the set-up against his rival from the round of 16 at the Foro Italico

For Badosa, everything has been good news against Belarusian Aliaksandra Sasnovich, whom she has defeated in two comfortable sets (6-2 and 6-1), while Carreño’s claw has not been enough to stop the bombardment of Russian Karen Khachanov ( 6-4, 2-6 and 6-1)

The Masters 1000 in Rome continues to acclaim its emperor, Rafa Nadal, every time he arrives in the city of the Tiber, where he has managed to be crowned up to 10 times and today he will have to win against Denis Shapovalov if he wants to continue doing so

At the moment the number 1 in the tennis world has swept the Swiss 6-2 in the first round confirming his good form after debuting against Karatsev 6-3 and 6-2

“I am more focused on my daily improvement than on my rivals, thinking about what I have to do to improve, although the most important thing is to feel that I am on an ascending line”, analyzed Rafa Nadal

It will be in the first match of the league that precedes the final phase of the competition, and where Spain is in Group B along with the Balkans, South Korea and Denis Shapovalov’s Canada, Rafa Nadal’s rival today in the Masters 1000 from Rome

“If I faced Djokovic it would be great news because it would mean that I have won several matches, but I am not so concerned about the tournament in the long term as I am concerned about the day to day”, Nadal commented on the matter.

“Shut your mouth!”, A deranged Shapovalov released, protesting a dubious ball that the linesman sang against him to then see how the tennis player faced him a few centimeters away

According to Nadal, his first match at the Masters 1000 in Rome “wasn’t a good start”, and he was respectful towards Shapovalov: “I know how dangerous it is and I have to play better than today. Now I have the opportunity to play against another great player and I repeat, to do things better than at the beginning of this match”, he concluded.

Shapovalov began his career at the Foro Italico by eliminating Basilashvili 6-4, 7-6, while yesterday he had to work harder on his victory against Sonego 7-6, 3-6, 6-3 to stand against Rafa this afternoon

“Let him enjoy his personal career, it is his personal moment. It is what it is, and it’s fantastic. Different moments, different careers and different ways of approaching things, because times change. I am very happy to have a player like him in my country”, reiterated Rafa Nadal

So far the balance is favorable to the Balearic Islands, with a positive 4-1 in the five games they have played.

The last meeting between the two was played a few months ago at the Australian Open, with victory for Rafa Nadal in a long and hard-fought duel, like the one expected today

The Foro Italico saw one of the best versions of Rafa Nadal since he returned from his painful rib injury with a flawless match and leaving behind the physical slumps that followed him

The Balearic needs to take filming at the Foro Italico because it is the last stop before the expected Roland Garros that begins in a few days

From La Vanguardia we will narrate the duel live and we will offer an interesting preview with everything you need to know before the match. Let’s start!

In front of him he will have a rival that is increasingly known by the Balearic, the Canadian Denis Shapovalov, who promises to give the man from Manacor a lot of trouble


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