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Lately Marvel comics have made Marvel heroes question if Shang-Chi is a friend or turns out to be on the dark side (spoilers beware)

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Shang-Chi, it appears that the Avengers have finally decided whether the martial arts master is friend or foe. While Shang-Chi has undergone quite a few changes to his status quo, not all of them have been well received by his allies and family members he recently met. The Avengers have expressed caution and concern about whether Shang-Chi can be trusted with the new role he has recently taken on. However, it seems that Shang-Chi’s new issue has told Earth’s Mightiest Heroes everything they need to know about him.

Following the death of his evil father Zheng Zu, Shang-Chi inherited his role as Supreme Commander of the Five Weapons Society, a crime syndicate that the martial arts master has been trying to turn into a force for good. However, that transition has taken longer than he would like. As such, Shang-Chi’s fellow heroes have been mistrusting his motives, while his half-siblings have been struggling to adjust to the new status quo his brother has imposed. Still, all of that fades into the background when Shang-Chi’s mother is kidnapped by her corrupt grandfather and taken to the otherdimensional realm of Ta-Lo.

The latest events of the Marvel hero clarify things for his fellow Avengers

Shang Chi No. 12 by Gene Luen Yang and Marcus To follows Shang-Chi and her brothers in the midst of a rescue mission, while the spirit of Shang-Chi’s father leads him to the Ten Rings. Engaging in an epic battle that begins on Ta-Lo and ends on Earth after Shang-Chi’s grandfather stole six of the ten rings, Shang-Chi and the Five Weapons Society prevent their invasion, save Shang-Chi’s mother. of Shang-Chi and the Supreme Commander regains control, especially of all the Rings. Afterwards, Iron Man and Spider-Man are seen watching the news, which reveals Shang-Chi’s true motives.

While it’s nice that Shang-Chi regains the trust of his fellow heroes, it doesn’t seem like the Avengers are aware of how hard the Supreme Commander has had to fight to maintain his morality. Possessing the Ten Rings came with the spirit of his father pushing him to use the power unrestrainedly and with deadly force, a temptation he almost gave in to. Fortunately, Shang-Chi is able to endure and achieve the necessary balance to wield the Rings like a hero. It also appears that fate is rewarding the martial arts master, as the Ten Rings appear before him even after he returns them to their original owner, the Jade Emperor of Ta-Lo.

Paving the way for his new series

It appears that after this adventure, the titular hero’s allegiances are no longer in question from his fellow Avengers, at least to Spider-man, and he has powerful new weapons at his disposal as his series relaunches with a new twist. title and renumbering. While the future remains a mystery to the Supreme Commander, it’s clear that Shang-Chi will step forward as the hero he’s always been when his new series Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings #1 launches in the US in July. .


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