series, movies and documentaries that we will see in its catalog

series, movies and documentaries that we will see in its catalog

The Apple TV + catalog is short, but in Cupertino they have taken a run and the list of upcoming releases can keep us entertained for the rest of the year and beyond. To demonstrate this, we come up with a list of all the future news of Apple TV +. Stock up on popcorn.

The series, movies and documentaries that arrive on Apple TV + from May 2022 onwards

  • ‘The Essex Serpent’: new series starring Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston set in ancient England and in search of a mythological being that has terrified a town. Premiere on May 13.
  • ‘The code of excellence’, season 2: more episodes of the documentary series in which we see some elite athletes narrate what they have had to go through to get to where they are now. Premiere on May 13.
  • ‘Now&Then’, the first Spanish bilingual production of Apple TV+ that narrates how a group of friends get together again after hiding the death of one of them twenty years ago. It opens on May 20.
  • ‘Harriet the spy’, second season: from this children’s series about a girl with reporter aspirations. Premiere on May 20.
  • prehistoric planet‘: documentary narrated by David Attenborough explaining the life of some of the dinosaurs that dominated the planet millions of years ago. Premiere on May 23.
  • ‘Physical’, season 2: Rose Byrne puts on the tights again to fight for the reign of the aerobic tapes of the eighties. Premiere on June 3.
  • ‘For All Mankind’ Season 3: follows the space uchrony, which in its third season takes us to a dispute over Mars in an alternative world in which the USSR is still alive and involved in the space race. Premiere on June 10.
  • Lovely Little Farm‘, a children’s series in which the sisters Jill and Jacky take care of the animals on a farm. Premiere on June 10.
  • ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’, a film starring Dakota Johnson in which a young man will discover his passion for motivational dancing. Premiere on June 17.
  • loot‘, a series in which a woman gets divorced and receives a fortune from her ex-husband. Premiere on June 24.
  • lucky‘, a 3D animated film about what seems to be the girl with the worst luck in the world. It opens on August 5.

Other premieres of Apple TV + with a date pending confirmation

  • Raymond and Ray‘, a film with Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor in which they play two brothers who seek to fulfill the last wishes of their recently deceased father.
  • the spirit of christmas‘, a film with Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrel that reinterprets the classic Christmas story.
  • Documentary film about the life and career of actor Michael J. Fox.
  • Second season of ‘Separación’, pending production to begin.
  • ‘The Afterparty’, season 2: We will continue to solve crimes in the hands of this surprise that Chris Miller brought us to Apple TV +.
  • ‘Mythic Quest’, third season. At the moment we know that one of the leading actors leaves the role of him.
  • hijack‘, a series starring Idris Elba that will recount the hijacking of an airplane. Filming is still pending.
  • ‘Shrinking’, a comedy in several episodes starring Harrison Ford and created by those responsible for ‘Ted Lasso’. Officially confirmed and with filming pending, it will also feature Jason Segel.
  • ‘The Morning Show’, third season. It will keep the two protagonists and we could see it sooner rather than later.
  • ‘Chief of War’, a series starring Jason Momoa in which the colonization of the Hawaiian Islands will be told. His filming is pending.
  • Miniseries with a title to be determined in which Michael Douglas will play Benjamin Franklin.
  • Biopic of Audrey Hepburn, in which the legendary actress will be played by Rooney Mara.
  • ‘Invasion’, second season of the series that narrates the battle for the survival of several people around the planet after an alien invasion on a global scale.

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